Pumpkin’s nutritional value and medicinal properties of pumpkin

The value of nutritional pumpkins and its medicinal properties can not be overestimated.” Pumpkin is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals, especially the zinc required for men, and at the same time has very few calories.The fresh pumpkin seeds help to get rid of pinworms, tapeworms and other parasites. Medicinal properties have pumpkin and try recipes for pumpkin dishes.

Pumpkin and its healing properties and nutritional values ​​have already been appreciated by Mexican Indians, found in both Mexican natural medicine and cuisine (recipes for pumpkin products are passed down from generation to generation.) However, the first pumpkin pie was made by one of the first American pumpkins were a hollow pumpkin filled with honey, milk and spices, and then roasted.Today, pumpkins are grown primarily in the United States.The world’s ‘capital of the world’ is considered to be Motron in the state of Illinois. It is also a symbol of Halloween, which was born in this country, However, it is not possible to prepare tasty dishes from these fears in Halloween, because the pumpkins are divided into two main categories – edible and decorative Not all are orange – there are white, bluish and even red varietiesEuropean.


Pumpkin and diabetes

Researchers at East China Normal University in Shanghai (China)  have found that the substance found in the extract of the pumpkin pulp – D-chiro-inositol – can replace insulin.This substance stimulates the regeneration of pancreatic beta cells in diabetic rats and regulates the activity of insulin.

Glycemic index of pumpkin = 75, therefore it is not indicated in diabetes.

Raising the level of insulin in the blood leads to a decrease in the level of sugar, which in turn results in a decrease in the amount of oxygen free radicals, damaging, among other things, the production of insulin, beta cells. for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 2), but also significantly reduce the need for insulin in patients who are already ill.

It should be noted, however, that this is how the substance contained in the extract from the fig fruit pulp comes in. Pumpkin itself is not indicated in diabetes, because its glycemic index is high and amounts to 75.


Pumpkin can prevent cancer

Pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene – it’s orange, red and yellow vegetable dye (thanks to it the pumpkin has such an intense color) and also a substance with healing properties. Beta-carotene – like all carotenoids – is an antioxidant, which means that It inhibits harmful oxidative processes, and thus can prevent the development of cancer. Research has shown that frequent consumption of pumpkin reduces the risk of stomach cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer.


Pumpkin for hypertension and heart disease

Beta-carotene reduces the level of bad cholesterol, thus preventing the deposition of cholesterol deposits in the walls of the arteries, and thus – prevents atherosclerosis, and further heart disease such as heart attack or stroke, and also regulates the level of arterial pressure.


Pumpkin in the prophylaxis of macular degeneration (AMD)

The beta-carotene contained in the pumpkin ensures the proper functioning of the eyesight, especially at dusk.” Vitamin A, in which beta-carotene is transformed in the human body, is a component of the visual pigment in the retina, allowing to see in the semi-darkness.

Pumpkin pulp has an anti-emetic effect – it’s good for pregnant women. Pumpkin seeds help fight motion sickness.

In addition, beta-carotene reduces the risk of macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of vision loss in old age, and has been shown to inhibit the development of xerophthalmia (dry eye syndrome) and prevent lens damage and cataracts.


Pumpkin for worms

Modern phytotherapy recommends pumpkin seeds for parasites Pumpkin seeds have antiparasitic properties due to the content of cucurbitacin – a substance contained in the film surrounding the seeds that protects them against germs.Most kukurbitacyna is in fresh, soft seeds, which is why pumpkin deworming is best carried out in autumn.


Pumpkin for prostate problems

In natural medicine, pumpkin seeds are used for prostate problems.” According to folk medicine, pumpkin seeds reduce the enlarged prostate, and research has shown that they can prevent prostate cancer and are believed to improve sexual function and sperm life.


Pumpkin for slimming

Pumpkin is low-calorie (10 dag to 26 kcal) and provides dietary fiber, so it helps in weight loss, it also helps cleanse the body of toxins and has deacidifying properties. Very often it is acidification that is the cause of overweight or obesity.

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