Red meat – avoid or just the opposite?

Are common recommendations regarding the need to limit the amount of red meat in the diet right? Or maybe dietitians are wrong? Read and decide yourself.

Red meat contains a substance that lengthens life and which you will not find in any other food product! It’s about L-carnosine, a dipeptide built from amino acids beta-alanine and l-histidine. The beneficial effects of L-carnosine is to combine with denatured AGE structures and lead to their decomposition. Carnosine is also an antioxidant – along with vitamin E it is involved in the reduction of DNA damage to cells caused by oxidative stress. It has the ability to chelate metal ions, which is also associated with its antioxidant properties. In addition, carnosine has a rejuvenating effect by facilitating the proteolytic enzymes to degrade damaged cells.

L-carnosine also has the ability to protect telomeres whose shortening causes the body to age.

We quote an extensive piece of Men’s Health material about beef, in which you will find other interesting information about the benefits of beef eating.

Some people think that the power over the grill was given to them by God. The Book of Genesis says that man must submit all kinds of animals to him. The theory of evolution provides further arguments – fangs that adorn your broad smile do not serve to chew the carrot. On the contrary.

The only truly predatory primate is man. If the remaining primates contented themselves with fruit and nuts, why did we become fearless hunters? – asks Dr. Leonard Shlain, author of the book Sex, Time and Power.

The answer goes easily to the heart of every man – Because we wanted sex. According to Dr. Shlain’s theory, prehistoric women suffered from iron deficiencies due to extensive monthly menstruation. So they had a constant appetite for a bloody steak from a wild animal and they were ready to give their respects to the man who provided them with them.

Primitive man did not have to have specially developed frontal lobes to realize the benefits of such a system. Raw or cooked red meat is rich in amino acids and creatine, which provide energy to muscles tired of chasing lunch and bringing it to the cave. This effort resulted in an additional increase in muscle mass, a detail that women certainly did not overlook.

In the face of all these favors, man has created additional genes for himself, increasing the tolerance for high fat and cholesterol in red meat. This additional set of genes allows a man to eat more meat without any harmful side effects, he also gives him longer life than other primates.

An intelligent carnivore

However, the most important evolutionary leap was brain development. Your ability to outwit the guys from a competitive company comes directly from the time when your distant ancestor has switched from bananas to steaks.

Fats form the basis of brain development. The brain is made up of 60 percent fatty acids, the rest is water, “says Dr. Shlain. And what is the main source of fatty acids? You guessed red meat. The human body can not create them by itself, the only provider is our diet.

The more they ate meat, the more intelligent they became. And the more intelligent they were, the more meat they ate, “explains Dr. Shlain. That is why the red color still magnetically attracts our attention and stimulates the senses.

Of all the unjust allegations against beef, however, the one with the highest fat content is the most unfair. Half of the fat contained in beef is unsaturated fat, the same healthy ingredient that makes up the value of olive oil.

The biggest misguidance of dieters was the oversight of a certain ingredient of red meat, which could significantly contribute to the fight against obesity. Beef contains a large amount of conjugated linoleic acid, which is an anti-cancer agent, and moreover, it has proven its weight-loss properties many times. During several studies conducted on groups of volunteers, people who were fed foods rich in conjugated linoleic acid, lost weight and total fat content in their bodies decreased, whereas in the control group (which was not given meat), nothing like that happened.

The best source of this precious acid is beef, veal and milk, mainly sheep.

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