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Regeneration – its importance when working on your own body

Regeneration right after proper nutrition and proper training is an inseparable element of changing the appearance of your own figure. Proper regeneration will not only help you achieve your desired goal, but will also help to improve your well-being. Lack of proper regeneration may contribute to the opposite effect than expected. Find out what regeneration is – its importance when working on your own body!
What exactly is regeneration?

Regeneration is a period in which the body has to restore to normal all the functions necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Any disturbance of this period will result in a much worse form.

The regeneration time depends on many factors, including the body’s resistance to physical effort. Maintaining a proper diet along with strong training can be wasted if you do not have sufficient regeneration. How to maintain the right amount of energy? Below you will find the answer.

Symptoms of insufficient regeneration of the body

Too fast overtraining
Low energy level
Strength drops during training
Bad mood

What is the role of proper regeneration in the body?

It provides appropriate repair functions for muscle tissues and joints
Supplementation of glycogen (muscle cell fuel reserves)
Restoring nutrients, minerals and various chemicals to the correct level
Restoration of optimal neural functions
Strengthening the immune system
Restoration of hormones to appropriate levels

Ways to improve regeneration.

There is nothing better for better regeneration than sleep! During sleep in the body all the above-mentioned repair functions take place. Depending on the amount of training during the week, the intensity of exercise and energy used during exercise – the amount of sleep can be different. In addition, other factors, such as stress or mental stress, may affect sleep time.

What is the optimal amount of sleep?

Weight training is recommended for 8 hours of sleep. This is the right time to regenerate the body after a hard day. However, this should not be a determinant for everyone. High physical activity during the day may result in 9 or even 10-hour sleep. The exception are people using steroid treatments. Cycles with androgenic and anabolic steroids significantly contribute to the improvement of regeneration.

A nap during the day – a good idea or a waste of time?

If you feel tired and do not feel like doing anything, do not try to sleep. A nap during the day can be a great way to regain energy and, above all, it has a good effect on improving mood. Remember, however, that a nap is not a few hours’ sleep, which can knock you out of your daily rhythm.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is an inherent element of regeneration. Adequate caloric intake is very important if you want the effects to be visible from week to week. However, not only the amount of calories, but also an appropriate breakdown of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) is essential. Nutrition is crucial for the synthesis of glycogen (used as a fast source of energy) and protein synthesis – essential for muscle tissue repair (this process is dependent not only on the amount of protein, but also on the amount of other macronutrients).

Eat balanced meals and increase the amount of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the best source of energy for the body to use. Consumption of carbohydrates has a significant effect on insulin secretion, which is of key importance in glycogen synthesis. However, do not forget about the other macronutrients.

Eat more vegetables and do not forget about fruits

Vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrients and minerals that are necessary for many functions in the human body. An additional benefit of eating vegetables will be fiber – they are essential for maintaining body fat at an appropriate level.

Do not forget about the proper post-workout meal

Although the recovery and repair time lasts an average of 24 – 48 hours after training – the consumption of a proper meal after a training session can contribute to the acceleration of the body regeneration period. If you do not have time to eat a meal after training – get a sheikh that will serve as a supplement to your diet.

Adequate supplementation

During the training, the body releases sweat. It is a defensive effect of the body on increased circulation, and thus increased body temperature. However, along with then the body loses the needed electrolytes (salt, magnesium, potassium and others). A deficiency of vitamins in the body can cause negative effects. Symptoms of low electrolytes in the body may include thirst, headaches and lack of energy.

Every person who trains strength sports has a much higher demand for vitamins from the average non-training person. For this purpose, it is recommended to use ready-made vitamin complexes that are supposed to prevent shortages. If the finished complex is too small for you, get individual vitamins in separate ampoules, which have much higher doses than those contained in ready-made sets. Do not forget about the additional preparation containing Omega-3 acids.

Proper training

Do not stay in the gym for hours – it does not make sense. Since Dorian Yates (former Mr. Olympia) showed that real bodybuilding begins in the kitchen, it is known that a maximum of 80 minutes is enough for a very strong workout. Several hours of torturing the muscles will be a huge burden for the body, after which return to full form will not be among the fastest. Best of all – it will not improve your results.

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