Rice wafers – eat or not eat?

People who are just beginning their adventure with slimming, very often reach for rice waffles. Why? Because of a few reasons. They are tempted by their low calorific value, and there is also the conviction that bread is fattening and better to give up when we want to lose excessive kilograms (or at least better to replace them with wafers). 

Unfortunately, we have bad news – rice wafers are not a good replacement for bread and using them on a diet is not the best option. Why? Check. 


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How do you make rice waffles? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? It would seem that if something is made of rice, which is so often used by people on a reducing diet, then it should be ideal for a diet, right? And yet not. The rice used for wafers is subjected to very high temperature and high pressure. In this way, the seeds blow up and become more inflated. The same method is used to make prepared rice. 

Such prepared rice wafers have one very serious disadvantage. Their glycemic index increases up to 85 units. For comparison, a slice of rye bread has a glycemic index oscillating around the number 45. 

What is a glycemic index and why does it matter? IG is an indicator that tells us how fast the level of glucose in blood increases after consuming a given product. The most recommended in the human diet are products in the first place with low, and in the second with the average glycemic index. We should avoid those with high, because rapid glucose jumps make us very hungry again and we eat more than we would like. 

The glycemic index should be particularly important for people who want to lose weight. Initial conversion of the body to lower caloric intake and a complete change in diet can make us feel hungry. In this situation, it is worth taking a close look at your diet. Often, hunger is due to improper planning of meals – if you eat a lot of carbohydrates, it is natural that you will be quicker hungry than if you were eating a meal rich in protein and fat. 

Caloricity without significance 

To eat rice wafers you are convinced by low calorific value? We will look closely at what the calories from one rice wafer and calories from a piece of rye bread translate into. 

One rice wafer weighs about 10 grams and has 40 calories. This is not much, but you have to take into account the fact that such waffles are a highly processed product, which means that there are no vitamins or minerals for such calorific value – so they are so-called. empty calories. Even if the packaging of your wafers has information that they are rich, for example, in zinc and magnesium, probably these minerals were added at later stages of wafer production, on the other hand what content is that the product is rich in the ingredient? So this is another place for manipulation. It should also be noted that some wafers, such as those with chocolate (fruit) coatings, raise the level of glucose in the blood even more, because they very often contain sugar. Waffles also advertise as a great source of fiber, but you have to correct it. This crispbread is usually made of white rice, which is low in fiber, so it is known that wafers will not be a good source of fiber. In one such wafer, we find on average about 0.3 g of fiber, and a man daily should consume from 20 grams to even 30 grams of fiber. Rice wafers from brown rice are not much more nutritious. 

For comparison, a slice of rye bread weighs 35 grams and contains about 80 calories. Bread made from wholemeal flour does not raise the glucose rapidly, so that after eating it we are longer saturated. In addition, the rye bread also speaks for the fiber content – in one slice we find about 3 g of fiber. For our body, it will be much more beneficial to eat two slices of rye bread than, for example, five rice wafers. Of course, in exceptional situations, wafers can be helpful, for example when we need or want to use a gluten-free diet, and in the store it is difficult to get gluten-free bread. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that they should not form the basis of a meal and are certainly not a good product for use in weight reduction. 


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