Sausage – types, calories, nutritional values

Sausage is a meat product, sausage made from minced meat in a casing made of animal or artificial intestines What types of sausages? What nutritional value does a sausage have? How to choose a good quality sausage? bad quality?


Sausage – what to avoid?

Sausage is a meat product made from minced (sliced ​​or minced) meat in a casing of animal or artificial gut.

The meat used to make sausage is usually pork, beef or veal, usually added to spices such as salt, pepper, garlic or other herbs, and sometimes also flavors and preservatives.


Sausage types and method of production

The sausage consists of ground or chopped meat mixed with spices, breadcrumbs and flavoring substances.

Pores and apples are sometimes added to the mass. Pork, beef or veal are the most commonly used sausages.

The meat mass is filled with the casing. It can be natural (from the cleaned intestine) or made of collagen, cellulose or plastics, which is now more often used in the production of sausages


Sausages can also be unprotected – in slices, cans or jars.

Among the sausages you can distinguish

cooked sausages – prepared from fresh, minced meat, which are then cooked. These sausages are eaten immediately after cooking, or they can be stored in the fridge

cooked and smoked sausages – in the first place they are boiled and then smoked or cooked in smoke.They are eaten hot or cold.They must be stored under refrigeration conditions

fresh, smoked sausages – subjected to the process of smoking and drying.They are most often eaten cold

dried sausages – produced in the process of fermentation and drying.Some sausages are also smoked before the drying process.You do not need to heat them before consumption and can be stored for a long period of time.


The first mention of sausage appeared as early as the 6th century BC Sausages were known in ancient Rome and Greece, as well as in China, where they were made from goats and lamb.” The word sausage was first used in England until the fifteenth century.

Vegetarian sausages based on soy protein, tofu or legume seeds can also be found on the market.

It is worth knowing that sausage is a product popular in many regions of the world, characteristic for a given region, which is made from products available in a given area.

In Africa, sausages are made from beef mixed with pork and lamb with the addition of vinegar and coriander.

North-Chinese sausages resemble Polish, while in southwestern China, dried sausages resembling pepperoni are popular.

In the Balkan countries beef is the basis for the preparation of sausages. British and Irish sausages consist of pork, beef or venison.

In France, there is a large variation of regional sausages: Italian sausages are mostly made of pork and are seasoned with chili, fennel seeds or pepper and garlic.” Another popular Italian sausage is salami.

Polish sausages are mostly made from pork.” There is a very wide assortment of sausages.The most popular sausages are Cracovian dry, podwawelska, żywiecka sausage, homemade.


Sausage – is it healthy?

Sausages are characterized by high fat content – mainly saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.

Sausages are also characterized by high sodium content, which is unfavorable for people with hypertension.

At the same time, sausages are a source of wholesome animal protein, they are also rich in B vitamins and phosphorus, iron and zinc.


Sausage – how to buy this good quality?

The sausage assortment is very wide, but not all sausages available on the market are of high quality, it is worth buying sausages from known or regional producers and paying attention to the purchase

product composition – should be as short as possible additives – the fewer additives (stabilizers, fillers, preservatives), the better quality of sausage the percentage of meat used to produce the sausage – the more meat, the better the sausage cross-section of sausage – coarsely and medium-sized sausages are characterized by higher quality

The price of sausage is also related to quality. The higher the sausage is, the more likely it is that the sausage will be of better quality.


Sausage – what to avoid?

Poor quality sausages are low in price, they contain a small amount of meat, and the list of preservatives and fillers is very long.” In addition, poor-quality sausages contain MOM mechanically separated meat.

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