Second breakfast for six with a plus

The child’s return to school is a necessity to buy new books and notebooks, but also an excellent opportunity to introduce new, healthy eating habits for the whole family!

Five ideas for a healthy second breakfast


  1. A delicious swirl

Pieces of roast turkey (or poultry meat) wrapped in a tortilla cake with a lettuce leaf and tomato slices. To this small bunch of grapes and two small whole-grain, low-sugar, oat cookies. In addition, water or skimmed milk.


  1. Why not pasta?

If you provide your child with a breakfast box that meets the standards for packaging that may come in contact with food, instead of a sandwich, you can give your child a whole dish to school. E.g. Whole grain pasta with pesto, chopped spinach and apple sauce. In addition, two whole-grain cookies and grape juice diluted with water.


  1. Sandwich with yogurt

Wholemeal bread sandwich with chicken (eg roasted or fried and cooled, sliced) and hummus. For this yogurt without added sugar and carrots sliced. Water or cherry juice diluted with water.


  1. Miniskirts

Cut the graham into slices and make sandwiches with tuna. There is also a cucumber cut into the bars, a quarter of an orange, two pieces of celery and two whole-grain cookies, small cookies. Water, diluted juice or skimmed milk.


  1. Tortilla with vegetables

A tortilla cake, cut into half a tomato and cut into strips of smoked or smoked fish, sliced ​​peppers and banana or apple. Water or diluted pear juice.


How to attract children with healthy food?

  1. The most important thing is to give them an example. You have to eat at home and prepare healthy meals. Your child will not eat a salad when you reach for fries …
  2. Children are more interested in eating healthy meals when they are involved in delivering them to the table. Therefore, put a parapet garden with the children and grow parsley, chives, sprouts and herbs in it. Let the children sow, water and collect your crops, and then add them to dishes and sandwiches prepared for a second breakfast.
  3. Give the children a choice by taking them with them for shopping. Let them choose the vegetables and fruits they want to eat.
  4. Include children in common meal preparation – nothing tastes like a small mouth like a dish in which small hands took part
  5. Talk to your child. Show him athletes or actors and translate that their success depended heavily on the diet, because good nutrition is the basis for caring for yourself.

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