Solstice or depression?

Outside the window full of sunny spring weather and you feel like you were caught by an autumn chandra? You do not know how to deal with it? You are not sure what’s wrong with you? After reading the article below, you will feel again at the helm of your own life …

The spring solstice? What is behind this wording?

Surprisingly, this is not a disease entity. And yet during it, you feel drowsy, eternally tired, irritable, sleepy, distracted. In addition, some people have problems with their cardiovascular system, pressure or headache, falling asleep, etc., which is immediately equated with depression. However, do not immediately assume the worst …

Weather changes affect everyone differently. Some do not react at all, others can not cope with them. Any fluctuations, from low to high temperature, pressure drops, blooming and dusting of trees or bushes, may be associated with the occurrence of symptoms that impede everyday functioning.

So what should you do to use the spring sunshine?

The first step to regain vigor and well-being is to ensure resistance. When the above symptoms appear on the occurrence of the spring solstice, it may signal that there has been a reduction in immunity. How to strengthen it? Here are some reliable ways


  1. A well-balanced, varied diet (in particular, inclusion of groats and whole-grain cereal products, nuts, fish, colorful vegetables and fruits, etc.) into the menu, adjusted to the health and taste of the individual is half the battle. Thanks to it, all necessary nutrients are delivered to the body in an appropriate amount – including vitamins and minerals without which you can not even conquer spring!
  2. Nowalijki – this is a vitamin and mineral bomb. Eating a small amount of fresh lettuce, crunchy radish or green chives will provide a daily portion of essential compounds that improve immunity. However, it is important to remember that young early spring vegetables should be chosen from a friend’s source and make sure that the products you buy smell of freshness, are without discoloration or rot symptoms.
  3. Favorite physical activity – this is another element that affects both the body’s resistance and provides a dose of endorphins and energy that positively affects the well-being. It is important to start! Although it may seem to you that 10 or 15 minutes is not enough … Try it and you’ll find that even these small steps will give you vigor and want to give more.
  4. Relaxation – stress can mobilize, but also affect the body even devastatingly. That is why it is worth taking care of the moment of relaxation, rest, detachment from routine and problems in everyday rhythm. Find your own way of dealing with stress – whether it’s a sport, meeting friends or maybe a good book, it’s up to you – do what makes you happy.
  5. Sleep – probably you will say that this is a trivial solution, but still sleep is the moment when the body regenerates, gaining strength to “fight” for the next day. Enter regular hours of sleep. Make sure you do not get distracted when falling asleep. And you will certainly feel the improvement and the state of the spring solstice will become a stranger to you.


The above proposals are one of many. You know your body best, that’s why you will definitely discover a way to get yourself. However, do not hesitate to ask for help – two heads are more than one. Contacting a doctor or a qualified dietitian will help you establish a plan adapted to your health and options. Remember a healthy spirit in a healthy body!

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