Sport, and fertility and erectile dysfunction

Some studies have linked contact disciplines such as American football with hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction. The mechanism probably relates to head injuries and shocks (which affects the hypothalamus and the pituitary). But it is not everything. 


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After all, we have known for decades that anabolic-androgenic steroids dominate in disciplines based on strength, power, and speed. In official studies, almost 10% of NFL players admitted that they used prohibited measures (probably the dark number is much higher). 1 SAAs used chronically usually cause hypogonadism and infertility. Sometimes changes are irreversible. Early reports have linked other sports, such as cycling, with erectile dysfunction, but later studies have shown that the problem relates to professional cycling. 

Some sports (football, basketball, handball and volleyball) are associated with more frequent and more severe course of varicocele, which may be associated with infertility in men. In addition, spermatogenesis has a beneficial effect from the sauna, jacuzzi, heated car seats or even the use of a laptop (located on the knees). Higher temperature does not favor nuclei. 

It was also shown that electromagnetic waves with frequencies typical for mobile phones (e.g. 880,1 -815.1 MHz, 925.1 – 930.1 MHz, and e.g. 1729.9 – 1734.9 MHz and 1824.9 – 1829, 9 MHz for PLAY) 3 and laptops have a detrimental effect on sperm cell viability and motility. Summary of many popular sports and daily activities may be related to male infertility. Physicians should be aware of these compounds in explaining infertility in men. 


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