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Sucking oil – a way to health and beauty

Sucking oil contrary to appearances is not a new trend – this technique was known in Ayurvedic medicine before the era. Formerly, medicine believed that rinsing the mouth with oil can accelerate the processes of cleansing not only the oral cavity, but also the whole organism. Let’s check how sucking oil positively affects health and beauty. 


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The importance of oral health for the body 

The role of the oral cavity in the health of the whole body is definitely too little. In it you can find a whole lot of bacteria and generally microbes that spread throughout our body. The decontamination of the mouth should enter our habit, because brushing alone is not enough. Between our teeth and in the mouth itself, a lot of harmful bacteria are deposited; we can not suffer from various internal illnesses. As you can see, taking care of teeth hygiene is definitely not enough to protect the body against diseases. 

Why sucking oil? 

The suction of the oil is bactericidal. When we pour it and suck it in – we strain it, we pull out the microorganisms that settle in the mouth. For the results to be satisfactory, oil suction should be performed for about twenty minutes. In order to avoid wasting time, during sucking you can do not need to say morning activities – take a shower, prepare a breakfast, read or clean up. The oil should be sucked on an empty stomach, before sucking we do not wash the tooth with toothpaste, you can rinse the mouth and teeth with water. After finishing the ritual, the oil should be spat out – we have to get rid of the microbes that are losing it. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly to eliminate residual toxic oil – you can do it with a good quality salt solution (eg Himalayan salt or other unpurified solution) or a solution of hydrogen peroxide, then brush your teeth. What oil to suck? The best for coconut oil, you can also use sesame oil, some also reach for olive oil. The oil must be unrefined / cold-pressed and preferably bio (organic). Coconut oil has a solid consistency, so you have to scrape it with a spoon or even a knife, when you start rinsing the cavity, dissolving in the mouth. In the summer, when it is warm, the oil will dissolve in the packaging – you do not have to worry about it, because it does not lose any of its health properties in any way. How much oil to suck? Just half a tablespoon, it is optimally a spoon (in the case of solid coconut oil it can be an amount that corresponds to the amount of liquid oil). The treatment should be used for at least one month; you can turn it on for longer. 

The advantages of oil suction 

1. Protects against gum problems – thanks to deep cleaning of the oral cavity. 

2. Prevents the formation of caries. Sucking oil eliminates much more microbes responsible for caries, getting into deep pockets within the teeth and into some areas around the root canals. 

3. It works on the respiratory system – it protects the sinuses from recurrent infections and the throat from bacterial diseases. In addition, it improves the work of the bronchi and has a soothing effect on tonsillitis. 

4. Provides whiter teeth and fresher breathing because it reaches where we can not reach using only a toothbrush and dental floss. 

5. The gums become harder and stop bleeding. 

6. Relieves migraines, headaches and jawache. Sucking oil can significantly improve the well-being of people who are struggling with chronic migraines. There are cases of people whose migraines have completely disappeared after using the oil treatment. 

7. Detoxification of the body. Harmful bacteria living on the teeth and in the mouth can continuously poison the whole organism through saliva and blood (they secrete toxins that are distributed through saliva and blood), for example Streptococcus mutans bacterium. 

8. Significantly improves the condition of people with asthma. 

9. It positively affects the condition of our skin. Due to the fact that we remove bacteria from the body, as well as the toxins produced by them, we can notice an improvement in skin condition, especially in people struggling with acne, psoriasis and inflammation of the skin. 

10. Supports the endocrine system. The smaller effect of microorganisms on the body positively influences, among others to the thyroid and reproductive system. If the body is not attacked from the outside, nothing disturbs its hormonal work, thanks to which we feel better. 

When you choose oil, be sure that it is unrefined. Why? Unrefined oil (eg coconut) has an antibacterial effect. Refined oil is completely purified remains neutral to the body during sucking. 


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