Sugar detox – how to quit sugar? How to overcome sugar addiction

Sugar detox is about exclusion of sugar from the diet.” It is not easy, but the effects do not have to wait long, because a well-planned sugar detox helps to suppress the appetite for sugar and helps to exclude foods responsible for weight gain, fatigue and premature aging. overcome the addiction to sugar.

Sugar detox is about eliminating sugar from the diet that many of us are addicted to.

One of my patients shared an insight with me.” When I eliminated sugar from the diet, I felt like an addict in rehab. “No wonder, sugar stimulates the brain areas responsible for the pleasure.

This is due to the release of hormones ” happiness ” – dopamine, serotonin or endorphins.If the level of these hormones will be constantly increased, its depression will be severely felt, even as depression.

The said patient also noted that he was sufficient to drink a glass of milk (rich in sugar – lactose), and his mood immediately improved.” Unfortunately, the satisfaction passed equally quickly and there was an irresistible urge to reach for the next portion of sugar.

Sugar detox – the effects of sugar addiction

High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is harmful to the body, it has a negative effect on the circulatory system – sugar molecules literally draw the walls of the arteries, like the sand of the body.

Sugar also has a negative effect on the brain, not only damages its blood vessels, but also combines with protein molecules and deposits within neurons, triggering brain degeneration (which is characteristic for, among others, Alzheimer’s disease).

In addition, sugar destroys the skin, because its molecules attach to proteins in the skin, especially collagen.” This phenomenon is called glycation and significantly accelerates the aging of the skin.

Worth knowing

When is the best time for sweets?

For sweets, it’s best to reach after intense physical effort.Then (if you fit in your caloric balance) you can eat something sweet because energy reserves have been depleted.High GI will make the energy that sugar brings faster to hungry tissues without destroying the arteries or brain along the way.However, for you to have a comparison scale – one hour of physical exercise is the amount of energy that a large apple delivers.

Detox sugars – withdrawal symptoms of sugar

When used to regular doses of sugar, the body may initially react negatively to its lack in the diet.

.increased desire for something sweet

migraines and headaches



mood changes



reduced well-being




changes in body weight

However, most people do not have such a high addiction, and the unpleasant effects pass after a few days when the body normalizes the sugar economy and intestinal microbiota. Then there is only the emerging desire for sweet …

Detox sugar – start right away, or reduce the amount of sugar gradually?

One and the other solution can work, it’s an individual matter. Going straight to sugar detox, I recommend refraining from sweets for two weeks.

However, studies show that 4 weeks are needed to change habits, the truth lies somewhere in the middle because my method has been proven many times


By limiting the sugar slowly, at some point you will start to control this state. In this case, set to at least a month of work. It should be easier later.

How to gradually reduce sugar in the diet? In the beginning, pay attention to what you drink.In the drinks are most often smuggled large quantities of pure sugar.Any kind of juices or nectars change into a bottle of water – preferably highly mineralized to compensate for shortages. and tea – then they have their unique aroma.

Limit also sweets, often large amounts of sugar and calories” unknowingly in the form of snacks, plucking chocolates, a piece of coffee cake … If you are worried that you can not make it, prepare your vegetables. In case of a critical situation there will always be something on hand to chase away thoughts of sweetness, additionally a glass of water, 2-3 deep breaths of air and everything should return to normal.

Do not keep sweet products at home, I know from practice that sooner or later they will be eaten in a moment of weakness.” If you have the option, do not be in the company of people who do not feed properly. Research shows that by being surrounded by such people, by 57% the risk of breaking your decisions increases – it will be better to contact people who have also limited sugar and are physically active.

Sugar detox – products indicated and contraindicated

It should be eliminated from the diet or simply restrict products containing sugar, especially in the simplest form, e.g.

sweet drinks, juices and nectars (even those from fresh fruit)

chocolate bars, muesli

jams, preserves

sauces (ketchup, sweet and sour oriental sauces, mustard, barbecue sauces)


flavored dairy (cheese, yogurt, fruit buttermilk)

each type of sweetener (honey, sugar, syrups)

dried fruits


tinctures and other sweet alcohols

Sugar detox – effects

mastery of food cravings – products rich in sugar cause that there are often deviations from the planned diet. Excluding these products, you will feel that you have control over what you eat

healthier intestines – sugar is a nutrient for many pathogens and fungi found in the intestines.By limiting sugar, and including a larger number of products that are a good source of fiber, you will support the proper functioning of the intestines

a younger look – advanced glycation endproducts – AGEs make the skin age faster.A proper diet, devoid of any added sugars, has a significant impact on it

improving brain function – people with a binge sugar economy complain about problems with focusing attention.Adjusting the blood glucose level will make the thought processes proceed more efficiently

more energy – an injection of sugar gives energy only for a moment.The constant level of glucose, and what energy does it, will ensure that you do not run out of energy throughout the day

limiting the development of many diseases – one of the factors of diseases with a metabolic basis (eg type II diabetes) is an unstable sugar economy

easier weight reduction – no desire for sweets will help you control the amount of calories you take.Often, it is the sweet snacks that stand in the way of losing weight

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