Sweet cherries – fattening or slimming?

Sweet, round, juicy, with a unique taste – cherries. You can buy fresh fruit at the beginning of June, and the season lasts until mid-July. What is the nutritional value of cherries? Harm the figure? 


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Sweet cherries – calories and nutritional value 

Sweet cherries, like most fruits, provide little protein and fat. The main sources of calories (kcal) in cherries are carbohydrates, including primarily simple sugars (half and half glucose and fructose). 

Nutritional value of cherries in 100 g of fresh fruit 

The energy value of 63 kcal 

Protein 1 g 

Available carbohydrates 13,3 g 

Fat 0.3 g 

Dietary fiber 1.3 g 

Sweet cherries in 84% consist of water. These fruits are a source of vitamin C and potassium. The darker the peel of cherries, the more valuable antioxidants there are – dyes from the anthocyanin group. These compounds have anticancer activity. 

Cherry diet and slimming properties of cherries 

In the intrenet you can find conflicting information about cherries. Some warn that fruits, especially sweet cherries, fatten. On the opposite pole is a cherry diet, whose menu is based on this fruit. What are the facts? 

Sweet cherries are actually fruits with quite high calories and sugar content compared to other fresh fruits. Only bananas, mangoes and grapes surpass them from this angle. Sweet cherries are still a low-calorie product, although it is important how much you eat. 

With cherries it’s like popcorn, when you start eating it, it’s hard to stop. 

How many cherries to eat? 

You should not refuse fruit because it is one of the most important elements of the diet. Currently, it is recommended to eat 2 portions of fresh fruit daily. How much is the serving? About 100 g, or 1 large handful of cherries (63 kcal)! Often, however, it does not end on the handful. Did you buy a kilo and eat the same amount? Such a portion will not be insignificant for the daily caloric balance. A kilo of cherries is 630 kcal and 133 g of simple sugars. Converting into teaspoons is about 27 teaspoons of sugar! 

Sweet cherries are filling, although they fall out on average with respect to the content of dietary fiber. However, if you overdo it, the abdomen will hurt you and you will have severe bloating. 

The advantage of cherries is the content of potassium and light diuretic properties. These factors accelerate the loss of excess fluids from the body and reduce swelling (especially important in summer!). 

So how is it with these cherries? Are they slimming or fattening? 

Moderate amount of cherries, up to 200g per day, supports weight loss. 

Unknown health properties of sweet cherries 

Sweet cherries should also be included in the diet for other reasons. Get to know the most important of them! 

1. Sweet cherries contain melatonin, which makes falling asleep easier. 

2. Sweet cherries protect the brain against neurodegenerative changes in the brain. 

3. Sweet cherries stabilize blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke.

4. Sweet cherries dilate blood vessels, thanks to which they help to achieve better training results. 


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