Recently, it is impossible not to notice that in the field of healthy eating, the extremes are becoming more and more present. Newer theories are emerging, each of which wants to be the newest, the best and even more revolutionary. So it’s time for allergens too.

Allergic substances
At the outset, I would like to say that I would like to avoid any kind of allergens or allergenic substances. I am for limiting gluten, dairy products, and products containing phytic acid, e.g. rye. These types of ingredients should be eliminated from the diet first of all if we are allergic to them! Otherwise, we have two options – either willingly to eat white rolls, or go to the extreme side and eliminate all these products, being convinced of their bad impact on the body.

Common sense
I would not like to be misunderstood – I am aware of the drawbacks of eating foods incompatible with our bodies. However, it is good to keep the common sense. If we are not professional athletes, we are not allergic to a given ingredient, we do not suffer from digestive system problems or autoimmune diseases, we do not lose weight – a small amount of this type of substance can not harm us. There are hundreds of studies proving that among professional athletes who do not suffer from food allergies, the consumption of this type of ingredients does not cause deterioration of results or decreases in form.

However, I am disturbed by dietary extremes. Turning to extremes can even be seen when choosing healthy food. This approach implies the exclusion of really many products out of fear of pollution, etc. As this continues, we will have to stop breathing.

The matter is simple – if you are sensitive to gluten, do not eat it! However, if your body does not react badly to rye, there are no contraindications to its consumption. Do not get rid of everything from the menu right away, because as a consequence you may find that only water is allowed. However, if you have a well-functioning digestive system, once in a while you can afford some deviations from the diet. Especially if it positively affects your psyche.

Before you rule, learn about your body
I would like to emphasize once again that I am not an advocate of allergic products. I just want to emphasize that before we completely exclude any ingredient from the diet, let us determine what our body can not do with. In common sense, we can determine what is good for us, and what does not. I do not support the exclusion of certain ingredients when there is no solid and rational basis.

As for me, I do not use gluten because it makes me swollen. However, once in a while I allow myself to do this, despite indigestion. Similarly, with rye, I do not eat it, because my body reacts badly to it. I do not eat dairy products and avoid eggs. As for lactose, I do not tolerate it, but I have to drink one latte every day – fortunately, this is the amount that my body can remake and neutralize. I know my body, and as you can see, I also introduce some exclusions. Although, as you know, I happen to indulge, especially on the cheat of the meal. Everyone has to determine what and when they can, taking into account their preferences and tolerances.

Excluding allergens is not worth the following fashion. It is better to focus on the processing capabilities of the body. Remember this! Allergens have been present in food for a long time and have been sensitizing even when we had no idea about their existence. The fact that there is an increasing amount of information, specialized literature about them arises, and that lately, loudly everywhere, does not mean that they have suddenly become more harmful in action.