Tarte Almonds by BackMit

Sweet taste that stimulates the taste buds and characteristic smell, evoking the feeling of family holidays, peace and a sense of security – in short, you can characterize fresh, homemade pastries. Tarte Almonds by BackMit, an innovative product from the VOG offer to facilitate work in the kitchen, will allow you to continue the baking tradition, which is extremely important in our culture.

Cakes, originally sacrificed to the gods in sacrifice and used in magic, as a symbol of good fortune, are still surprising with their popularity. Wedding cake, which is supposed to bring happiness to a young couple, divination related to Andrzejki cake or Christmas Eve tradition, assuming that a person who goes on the whole almond, previously hidden in one piece of cake, will enjoy success throughout the year, are just a few of examples, confirming the great strength of baked goods. Although it is easy to buy all kinds of sweets at the present time, more and more often we appreciate the taste of home-made cakes and cookies. Their recipes, passed down from generation to generation, combine the years of family tradition. Tarte Almonds by BackMit is a unique product in the VOG offer, created for modern housewives who appreciate both the delicious taste of grandma’s pastries and the short time of their preparation.

Thinking about blue almonds …

The almonds in the Mediterranean and in California are, to the surprise of the uninitiated in plant classification, a close relative of plum. Under his leathery leaves and dark bark there is a pericarp along with soft seeds containing seeds, called almonds. Few of us also know that almond, besides an interesting taste, has, among others, a large amount of protein, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and also supports the treatment of cancer and prostate.

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Homemade baked goods with the addition of nutritious almonds are therefore a perfect duet both in terms of taste and health. The preparation of these delicious sweets was, however, not a problem for many years, and the time-consuming soaking, peeling and friction of the almonds was spent dreaming many a housewife preparing a sumptuous party. Tarte Almonds by BackMit is a product that will avoid additional work on our part. Freshly grated almond is immediately ready for use. What’s more, the BackMit Almonds, thanks to a special recipe, will allow you to prepare not only cakes with an intense taste, but also cakes with a slightly almond accent.

Health above all else

We appreciate home-made baked goods not only because of their unique taste, but also their nutritional value. We have the certainty that the baked goods baked by us are free from preservatives, extending the guarantee of their consumption. Tarte Almonds by BackMit are also among the group of organic products, without including any enhancers that change the taste of traditional recipes. Produced from raw materials of the highest quality, checked by the state quality control office, they are species of the best delicacies. Almonds are collected once a year and then properly stored. After careful selection of the best almonds, the process of friction takes place and immediate packaging, in the atmosphere of inert gas, which guarantees a long shelf life. The packaging of nuts and dried fruits, in addition to protecting the contents from the adverse effects of light, can boast a transparent graphic design, enriched with interesting recipes that can become a great inspiration for the creation of new, delicious baked goods.

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Top quality, no additives, freshly grated, immediately packed and ready to use Almonds brand BackMit is a guarantee of culinary success. They will not only save the time of a modern housewife, but also complement her own recipes.

Below are some interesting recipes using BackMit Shiny Almonds

Recipe on STRUDEL

200 g BackMit almond tarts \ n1 / 8 l milk \ nMeat \ n vanilla powder \ n lemon juice \ nRum \ nRocks \ nCinnamon


Filling \ nMeat the milk with honey, vanilla sugar and lemon zest, add almonds, raisins, rum, and cinnamon, stirring. Set aside to cool.

Dough \ nPrepare a raw yeast dough. Roll out them. Lubricate with almond paste and roll from two sides inwards. Insert into the elongated mold, put away again. Bake at medium temperature.

Recipe for nut cake


200 g Baked Almonds by BackMit \ n4 eggs \ n250 g sugar \ n200 ml oil \ n250 ml cream \ n300 g flour \ n1 packet of baking powder


Bake the oven at 200 °, spread the cake on the cake with fat and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. \ NJaja rub with sugar for cream. Add oil and sour cream. \ NTranslated BackMit Almonds together with flour and baking powder. Dough fill the prepared form and bake in an oven preheated at 180 ° for about 45 minutes.

Tarte almonds brand BackMit \ n Net weight 200g \ nGrunge price 200g 7, 99 PLN \ nMarka Back mit \ nProducent VOG Sp. z o. o


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Almonds – properties and nutritional value of almonds

Almonds are nuts, which have many nutritional values, and hence – healthy properties. Check what effect the almonds have.

Almonds have a lot of nutritional value, and consequently – healthy properties. Almonds are a proven way to nausea and heartburn in pregnancy. You can also be recommended for slimming, because they prevent hunger pangs.Also, they relieve stress and soothe nerves, and also reduce cholesterol and sugar in the blood, preventing atherosclerosis and diabetes. Check what else the almonds have.

Almonds are almond seeds, not nuts, but they are commonly misidentified, they even have the title of king of nuts. Sweet almonds (A. communis var. Sativa) from the Middle East are distinguished by their properties and nutritional values ​​- they have a lot of vitamin B2 (1.138 mg / 100 g), vitamin E (25.63 / 100 g) and fiber (12.5 g / 100g), they also have essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFA) and mineral elements (especially potassium) It is thanks to these substances that almonds can prevent heart disease and diabetes, which has been scientifically proven. They are also recommended for nausea and heartburn in pregnancy.Also, they prove themselves in the diet of vegetarians, slimming people and those living in constant stress.

Low Carb Cookies

Almonds reduce the risk of developing heart disease

This is the result of research carried out by scientists from the University of Aston in Great Britain.In the young subjects they examined with obesity and hypertension (and therefore risk factors for heart disease) who consumed 50 g of almonds every day for one month, there was an increase in the level of vitamin E in blood, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation (compared to the control group), all thanks to the beneficial substances contained in almonds, such as vitamin E, essential fatty acids, fiber and flavonoids.

Vitamin E makes it difficult for bad LDL cholesterol to reside in the vascular walls, EFAs have anticoagulant properties and reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, as does fiber, while flavonoids have antioxidant properties, i.e. they inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol by free radicals, they prevent In addition, flavonoids regulate the tension of the walls of blood vessels and the degree of contraction of small vessels, and thus contribute to the proper regulation of blood pressure – just as contained in considerable amounts in almonds potassium (up to 733 mg / 100 g ).

Almonds and diabetes

Almonds improve insulin response and lower LDL cholesterol levels in people with pre-diabetes, and thus reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, researchers at the American Loma Linda University have argued in the journal \ Journal of the American College of Nutrition \ in 2010. In their studies, 65 people with pre-diabetes (that is, where the sugar level is between 100 and 125 mg%) took part in. Half of the people were assigned to a control group that was on a balanced diet while the second one received almonds, which accounted for 20% of calories delivered daily.After 4 months, it turned out that people who consumed these sweet nuts, decreased LDL cholesterol and decreased insulin resistance. Thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids contained in almonds, proteins and vitamins and minerals.

Almonds and slimming

Almonds, despite the fact that they contain a lot of fat and are caloric, promote weight loss.The EFAs contained in them regulate the metabolism and prevent the accumulation of unnecessary fat.In addition, almonds contain a lot of fiber (12.5g / 100g), which quickly and for a long time Of course, the almonds will give a feeling of satiety, of course almonds will give the desired effect if eaten in moderation, preferably only a handful a few times a week instead of other products (and not as an extra snack). also for constipation (due to the large fat content).

In addition, the long chewing of two or three almonds is a proven way of dealing with hunger pangs.


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Are nuts fattening or helping to lose unnecessary kilograms?

Nuts helpful in dropping unnecessary kilograms

Do nuts fatten or help you lose unnecessary kilograms? People on a diet usually stick to nuts from the distance, unnecessarily, because nuts can effectively help in losing unnecessary kilograms.

Nuts are a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable protein and fiber, They provide valuable B vitamins, vitamins protecting against free radicals such as vitamins A and E. They are also a source of minerals – the most important of them are magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc These ingredients affect normal metabolism and reduce the feeling of hunger if they are delivered in the right amount.In addition, the nuts contain valuable biologically active plant substances, such as polyphenols, of which flavonoids have a scientifically advanced action to counteract the development of metabolic diseases and limit the The healthiest diets, like the Mediterranean diet, recommend eating a handful of nuts daily, which is approximately 30 g. However, due to the high calorie content and fears of excessive kilos, many people refuse to takeIt turns out that it is unnecessary.

Do nuts fatten?

Energy diet higher, for example, by 3500 kcal (eg 350 kcal for 10 days) than the energy expenditure of the body will increase the fat content in the body by an average of about 0.45 kg  – you can read in the manual for dietetics. Such knowledge is passed on in schools and colleges, but is calorie equal to calories? It turns out that no, at least not in the case of nuts.

Scientists from various research centers around the world have found out that their work has been published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 20 different medical trials were compared in the review study. Observed, inter alia, the influence of nuts on weight gain The results of the study turned out to be surprising, in many of them no weight gain was observed or it was statistically insignificant.


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Are peanuts or Italian fattening?

Scientists from the University of Navarra in Spain came to similar conclusions, adding 3 handfuls of peanut per day to the study’s diet, according to the formula, they should weight around 3.6 kg during the test. As it turned out, this amount of extra calories contributed to the increase in body weight by only less than a kilogram.3

A similar discovery was made by American scientists from the School of Public Health, Loma Linda University.4 For 6 months they studied a group of people who consumed a handful of walnuts daily, according to specialists, they should weigh 5.3 kg. Meanwhile, at the end of the study their weight she showed an average of only 0.4 kilos more than at the beginning of the test, which is much less than expected.

In another test, American scientists from the University of California recommended subjects eat one to two handfuls of walnuts daily for 6 weeks, no differences in body weight were noted, then the subjects switched to a low-fat diet and lost weight. from one to two handfuls of nuts a day, no changes in the weight of the subjects were noted.

Can almonds contribute to weight gain?

Researchers from the already mentioned Loma Linda University in another study, which lasted 6 months, added 320 kcal extra to the daily energy balance, which came from almonds, in which case the weight and mathematical equations of calorimetry also failed, adding 40 to the diet 50 pieces of almonds per day should cause an increase in body weight of over 7 kilograms, it turned out that the subjects did not exceed 0.11 kg of body mass gain, the change was statistically so small that it should not even be taken into consideration. because they are hundreds of extra calories consumed regularly every day.

A study by specialists from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University (US) also noted a slight increase in weight after being included in the almond diet, which was five times lower than expected, but this included other changes in the diet, so it does not such a reliable view of the situation.


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