Bike for cellulite!

Slender legs, firm buttocks without cellulite and loss of unnecessary kilograms without sacrifices, long hours spent at the gym and spending on further creams – a miracle. All this can be gained regularly by riding a bicycle, which is not only a pleasant activity, but also effective in the fight against skin inequalities. 


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Cellulite is the eternal enemy of a woman 

Cellulite is a bane of every woman, but contrary to appearances, it does not affect only overweight women slim ones are also exposed to it. In autumn and winter, however, its presence does not affect us as much as in summer, when we throw off warm clothes and start to reveal our body. Cellulite most often affects the thighs, abdomen and buttocks of women. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of cellulite, and cycling is one of the best and most economical of them. 

A wonderful drug called a bicycle 

When cycling, the efficiency of the entire muscular system increases and improves functioning of the respiratory and circulatory system, and thus the energy expenditure of the body increases. It is therefore an aerobic exercise, in addition directed to those parts of the body that are most affected by orange peel. If we dose sensibly, the calves and thighs become slimmer and thus more graceful. While driving, the muscles of the back and hands also work, though not as much as the muscles of the lower limbs. In this way, we also improve their efficiency and work on their overall development. 

What bike for cellulite? 

Not every bike is suitable for effective fight with orange peel. While driving on traditional ladies muscles do not work as intensively as on trekking or urban areas also suitable for off-road driving. In addition to at least a few, and preferably a dozen or so gears, such a bike should have a frame with geometry influencing stable and safe driving and front shock absorber. Since we plan to spend a lot of time on our steed, the saddle is also an important element, which should be wide and comfortable, preferably with a shock absorber. A 3-speed rear hub with an internal brake and a bridge with adjustable height will be quite useful. All these elements have, for example, bikes made by Kross Presto and Adagio, which additionally look beautiful due to their impressive shapes and fashionable colors. 

We count calories 

Bike is a great way to lose unnecessary kilograms – driving slowly within an hour loses 300 kcal, driving fast – up to 600 kcal per hour, which is the same as running or going up the stairs. Below is a simple table helpful in calculating lost kilograms while cycling. 

Speed ​​of travel on the bike.

Energy expenditure
kcal / kg body weight / hour 

10 km / h 4.23 

15 km / h 6.05 

20 km / h 8.56 

30 km / h 12 

The calculation is based on the average weight of 70 kg – driving for 45 min 

cycling at an average speed of 15 km / h, we will burn about 318 kcal (6.05 kcal x 70 kg x 75%). During the training performed 6 times a week for 45 minutes at a rate of 15 km / h, we will burn about 2,000 kcal per week, which is 8,000 kcal per month, that is as much as you need to burn to get rid of a kilogram of excess body fat. If you combine it with a properly balanced diet and exercise at home, the effects can be much faster, but remember that to avoid the yo-yo effect, it is best to reduce no more than 0.5 kg per week. 

Ride, but how? 

A few practical tips from a professional will help you avoid sours and unnecessary effort without cover. It’s best to start driving at a fixed time during the day, after a light meal of complex carbohydrates – the main element should be whole-wheat bread or dark pasta or kasha. If we want to start our fight with excessive fat tissue seriously, it is best to start the adventure with a bicycle from a short distance, setting the first route of length not more than 10 kilometers. The driving speed should be constant and moderate (15-20 km / h), low intensity so that we can feel how our body responds during and after exercise. At this intensity, we can ride every day – this affects the longer behavior of the effect. Each workout should begin with a light warm-up, or give yourself a few minutes of slow pace to start the body. I advise against starting training, if the blood glucose level is very high or low,  marketing manager from Kross and a long-term participant in cycling marathons. 

If you do not have time for daily rides, it is worth using the bike at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes while driving at moderate pace. Extending this time to an hour, you have to go at a walking pace. If, on the other hand, we only find the time for a bike during the weekend, we plan at least two-hour cycling trips, going at a walking pace and often stopping. In this case, during the week, let’s not forget to practice other forms of movement so as not to lose fitness. 

Regularity is the key to success 

To get rid of cellulite permanently, it is worth thinking about introducing permanently into your life appropriate exercises. If you ride your bike on your mandatory, albeit pleasant activities of the day, we will be not only healthier and slimmer, but also more beautiful. The big plus of bicycle weight loss is that we can drive all year round. In the summer, bike tours in the open air not only affect our body wonderfully, but also positively affect our psyche. Remember about breakfasts and regular consumption of smaller meals every 2-3 hours. Do not forget that regularity gives the best results! 


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