Blood sausage – nutritional values, how to make black pudding?

Black pudding has many nutritional values.The black pudding is primarily a wealth of heme iron, easily absorbed by the body.Also, the black pudding has a lot of calories, a source of fat and cholesterol, so avoid it people with heart disease and hypercholesterolemia. What other nutritional values ​​has black pudding? the composition has a black pudding? How many calories has grilled black pudding? What is the difference between black pudding and krupniok? What is the recipe for blood sausage?

The blood sausage belongs to the offal products, which have numerous nutritional values, what is the recipe for blood sausage? Most often used pork blood and additives in the form of buckwheat, barley, pork liver, pork skins and spices. which have been used for the production and the percentage of ingredients.


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Blood sausage – nutritional values

An undoubted advantage of black pudding is high iron content, which is involved in the transport and storage of oxygen, is used for the production of red blood cells, participates in the synthesis of DNA, plays a role in immune processes and its deficiency in the body leads to anemia. which is better absorbed by the body than non-heme iron, which comes from plant products.

For the sake of the high content of iron and zinc, black pudding in the UK has been recognized as superfood.

At the same time, black pudding is a source of zinc, copper and potassium, vitamins from group B (due to the content of buckwheat and barley).

Due to the use of pork liver and skins, blood sausage contains a significant amount of fat and cholesterol .Therefore, it is not recommended for people with heart disease or hypercholesterolemia. Also should refrain from people with gout, because blood sausage has a high content of purines.


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How is black pudding made? The composition of black pudding

Black pudding is made from blood mixed with fillers and stuffing in casings. In Poland, for making traditional pudding, buckwheat groats or barley groats, pork liver and pork rinds are used, which is combined with the blood of the pigs.In the first stage, buckwheat and liver they are subjected to a heat treatment, then mixed with spices and blood, and the prepared mass is purified in the pig’s intestines.The whole is subjected to heat treatment, cooled and packed. The black pudding is characterized by a dark color, most often has a thin shell of the intestine. thinner or thicker.

In the UK, however, pork blood is mixed with cereal products most often with oats, in Italy the blood sausage is made by mixing pork or cow’s blood with raisins and nuts, while in Spain it is a combination of pig meat and rice and onions in China, Thailand and Vietnam. the blood of chicken, duck, goose or cow is used to produce blood sausage.


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