Poison or medicine water

Water inside us 

In nature, there are 135 types of water. In the cells of our body, water 

I am under a special form, which we call “structured.” Any other fluid that gets into our orgasm must be processed and purified. During this orgasm process, he loses a significant amount of energy. 


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The water we drink 

The water we drink, contains in large quantities insoluble in our body salts of calcium and iron. You can easily find out when we look at the sediment in our kettle in which we boil water. All harmful substances that are found in water, burnt food leftovers (from meat, soups, etc.) get into the body together with water, which facilitates the formation of harmful deposits in our body, which it is extremely difficult to get rid of. 

The water is chlorinated.Chlor- is a poison gas, accumulating in the organism slowly poisons him. The flora can not be eliminated by cooking.Therefore, to prepare water for drinking or tea or coffee should be used boiled water, which previously formed a minimum of 2-3 hours ( so that the poisonous chlorine would evaporate). 

In ordinary tap water there are admixtures of radiant creatine. These admixtures are also not eliminated through cooking. When we cook water, we destroy many harmful substances, but together with them active oxygen, which our body needs so much. When cooking, the water becomes “dead” because it changes its natural structure. It is devoid of this valuable information, which it has from the interior of the earth. Therefore, continuous use of gopped water is also not safe for the body. 


Mineral water 

Recently, many people still drink and prepare meals on mineral water. In the composition of mineral water, however, also meets salts and admixtures, which orgaznim people are unable to assimilate. Some of these salts are not at all excreted from the body.They can accumulate in muscles and joints, causing their deformation. Mineral water can be consumed for a certain period of time, in 2-4 weeks, after which it is necessary to take a break for 2-4 months. Particularly inadvisable is the continuous drinking of mineral water by children, since this will be much more than benefits. 



In nature, such water is found in vegetables, fruits, their juices and melted ice. The people interested were interested in why the Yakut people from the north of Russia have an average life span of over 100 years. It turns out they do not have waterworks or wells, they eat a small amount of vegetables and fruits they are very humble at all and do not actually get sick at all. Solution of the puzzle turned out to be very simple 

– Yakuts used water for all ages, cutting ice on plates. 

What was melted by the sun, they drank. 


Water from ice 

Each of us knows that old age begins with wrinkles. And wrinkles appear when the cells of our body begin to dry up. One of the main causes of aging is the loss by orgaznim the ability to absorb and process water, which we eat 

In an adult, the process of bone growth has already been completed. Unnecessary amounts of salt and calcium are supplied to the body with food and water begin to accumulate in the blood vessels and joints.It leads to disorders of the bloodstream, diseases of the digestive system, the appearance of stones on the liver, kidneys and the progressive disease state of the entire orgaznium. 

To stop the aging process and always look young, learn how to prepare and consume water from molten ice. 


Preparation of chilled water from molten ice. 

Usual tap water should be poured into a pot of any volume, boil, cover with lid, cool and put in the freezer at -4C for 2-3 hours. After the water freezes, break the resulting ice, and drain the water. The water has “structured” properties. In terms of its composition is exactly the same as the water found in the cells of our body. 

Preparation of structured water in the winter is more simplified. Just place a vessel with boiled water behind the window or on the balcony and then when the water freezes without heating it, give it water to melt. Even one glass of melted ice water every day will significantly improve your well-being and appearance external. It is particularly beneficial (healthy) to drink water from molten ice in elderly people, because it cleans not only deposits but also old and dead cells with orgazni, which is a great prevention against various cancers. 


How to drink water? 

It is best to drink water immediately after waking up, but first you need to rinse your mouth, and then you can drink 1/2 – 1 glass of water. Better is water from molten ice. It is advisable to drink it with small sips. 

Many people have a habit of drinking while eating food. It is better not to do it, because the water dissolves gastric juices into the stomach and causes disruption of digestive processes.The continuous habit of drinking while eating leads to the formation of gases, flatulence and constipation. All fluids are best to take for 15-20 minutes before eating and 1 hour after eating. 

If you feel dry mouth after eating then you have to rinse your mouth a few times.If the dryness persists then you can eat one apple.Apples should be eaten together with the skin (before that should of course thoroughly washed) .In addition, the apple must be eaten with seeds and seed chamber and spit out only what can not be chewed.In the seed box of apples and seeds there is a lot of iodine and other valuable elements that are so necessary for our body. 

It is scientifically proven that in 6 apple seeds there is a daily dose of iodine. 

The above article should be treated as a curiosity. 


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