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Chinese citrus (Schisandra chinensis)

Chinese lemonade (Schisandra chinensis) is a nice, perennial vines of the citronella family. This ancient fruit has many magical properties and it is worth to include it in your daily diet. Schizandra has a strengthening effect on the body, supports liver function, cleanses toxins and helps fight stress. It is different from other popular berries, for example from blueberries, acai berries or goji berries. Due to the strong properties and pronounced taste, it is used in much smaller quantities than using traditional berries. It has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. Research has confirmed the amazing health effects of schizandra.

  1. Chinese citrus (Schisandra chinensis) – action and properties
  2. Schisandra chinensis – application
  3. How to eat it?


  1. Chinese citrus (Schisandra chinensis) – action and properties

Schisandra chinensis is a great way to detoxify our liver. We are surrounded by chemistry. Our ancestors did not have as much to do with her throughout their lives as we did in just one day. The liver is very much exposed to the alcohol we consume in excess and needs our help to clean up. Detoxification can cause diarrhea, urticaria and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms can occur because the body can deal with the unloading of a toxic load.

The unique feature of Chinese lemon is also that it not only cleanses the liver of toxins, but also has the ability to purify the blood of toxic waste. It is one of the few known herbs that causes a dual phase of detoxification. It also has stimulating properties of the central nervous system and makes the skin maintain its natural hydration.

Positively affects the kidneys, lungs, heart and brain. Stimulates the production of antioxidants, which prevents cell damage caused by intense physical activity. In addition to all these beneficial properties, it also stimulates the production of semen and mucus in women. It does not work like Viagra, so it can be used in daily supplementation.


  1. Schisandra chinensis – application

Chinese limon berries have a number of applications in medicine and in the production of supplements.

It has been proved that

– helps with problems with insomnia, works slightly calming and prevents nightmares;

– thanks to its properties it helps to clear the lungs and helps in the fight against cough;

– strengthens the whole body and the work of the heart;

– cleanses the liver and helps fight its diseases;

– accelerates the metabolism;

– supports the cleansing of veins, thus eliminating the risk of atherosclerosis;

– acts anti-depressant;

– stimulates the central nervous system.

The mentioned applications of Chinese citron clearly indicate that it has a very positive effect on our entire body. So let’s turn it into a daily diet. People who consume Chinese citrifolia berries more often hear and see. They also become sexually active and make better use of our brain skills.


  1. How to eat it?

Chinese limon berries in Poland can usually be obtained in the form of dietary supplements. I have not met with dried fruit or even more with fresh ones. Perhaps it is possible to bring them from abroad. Of course, you can prepare both juices, jams and preserves from fresh fruit. Dried are suitable for eating instead of, for example, cranberries. Dried tea can also be boiled. For medicinal purposes, fruits, seeds, roots, bark and fruit stalk are used.