Chocolate is coming back to grace

With the advent of the holiday season, we have much more opportunities to support our taste buds.One of the things that we have a lot of fancy in this period is chocolate.Good news for her lovers – chocolate can improve health if we only wisely choose what we eat.

Health benefits of dark chocolate – The Maya discovered for the first time more than 3,000 years ago.They made a drink from roasted and fermented cocoa beans, which grows in South and Central America.This drink was called xocolatl, which means bitter water.Despite the unsettling name, the Spanish explorers introduced it in Europe, where it quickly gained popularity among the aristocracy.However, it was not until the nineteenth century that a permanent form of chocolate was developed, which we know today, and the industrial revolution has made the new product available to the masses.

After many years of bad reputation as a health-damaging product, scientists have found that eating chocolate can bring some benefits.In fact, chocolate alone does not harm health, but sugar and other ingredients added during the production process.


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Cocoa itself has a beneficial effect on the body, because

Chocolate is a rich product with over 300 different ingredients.The main benefit of chocolate consumption is the result of the flavonoids and antioxidants contained in cocoa.Antioxidants protect the body against aging caused by free radicals destroying cells.Bitter chocolate contains the largest amounts of antioxidants because it contains the highest amount of cocoa.For chocolate to be considered bitter, it must contain at least 65% cocoa.Processing cocoa and adding sugar and milk in white and milk chocolate reduces the level of flavonoids and limits the benefits of its consumption.

Despite the proven benefits of consuming dark chocolate, it should be remembered that – as with all good things – moderation is the key.In most studies, there were benefits when consuming no more than 100 g of dark chocolate per day.Excessive indulgence will not bring additional benefits, but rather the reverse.Remember that one chocolate bar is about 400 calories, which means that you need to balance their amount by limiting the consumption of other products to maintain a balanced diet.


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