Maize starch – properties and application

Maize starch has thickening properties, therefore it is used in the kitchen as a thickener for dishes and addition to baking, giving them a fine texture.In addition, it works as a stain remover and brings relief to sunburn.What other properties does corn starch have and where else has it been applied?

Maize starch, or mazeine, is obtained from white maize rods – unlike maize flour, which is obtained from corn kernels.Maize starch is a gluten-free product, in the form of a powder and is characterized by its white color and neutral odor.Corn starch has thickening properties, which is why it is used in the kitchen and more.

Maize starch – properties and nutritional values

Corn starch is a source of carbohydrates. It contains minimal amounts of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals that cover only a few percent of the daily recommended intake for an adult.It does not have – in addition to technological properties – health values.The only unquestionable advantage of cornstarch is that it is a product without gluten.




Maize starch – use in the kitchen

Maize starch is mainly used as a thickener for soups, stews and sauces, which thanks to the addition of corn starch are more transparent and more shiny.Maize starch must first be added to cold water, mixed, and then poured into the sauce or soup.Corn starch is more readily used in gastronomy because it is odorless and has stronger thickening properties

A better alternative to corn starch is tapioca flour, which also has thickening properties.

Mazeine is also an addition to baking cakes and cookies, biscuits, pies, pancakes to obtain a fine texture of baking and to increase the humidity of gluten-free baked goods.It also works well as a thickener for puddings, jelly, creams.


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