5 advantages of a bike, how to make your life pleasant and healthy

A bike instead of a gym

Everyday cycling greatly shapes our figure, in particular the legs and the round part of our body. Even during recreational driving in the city, it is best to get up from the saddle from time to time, leaning slightly forward. Then we will engage more gluteus muscles to work, and our thighs and pupa will become firm without the torment we experience in the gym. And if we add to that, that we cycle from 300 to 600 kcal in one hour, so it’s not terrible for us to eat a fondue, our satisfaction will increase by 1000%. It is good to choose a city bike, which, in addition to aesthetic values, has several practical advantages – a heavily reduced and modeled frame, at least 5 gears, dampers necessary on sidewalks or curbs, fenders or boot – just like the Kross Reale model shown. 


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The bike is a fashionable addition to the new dress 

If we like to wear sweaty dresses and fashionable high heels, while riding a bike to work is our necessity, we do not have to cross out one of these things. It is enough for our bike to be stocked with so-called dress guard – a rear wheel cover that prevents the dress from getting caught in the spokes, or a colored overlay on the chain that protects our wide trousers from getting dirty. Colorful, fancy additions such as a wicker basket with a colorful ribbon, a floral satchel on the trunk, or a gel lid on the trunk will make our unity express our style and give us vigor. 

The bike is ubiquitous and cheap means of transport 

You can get by bicycle everywhere, regardless of traffic jams, plagues called streets renovation, clogged buses or mercilessly riddled roads. In big cities one more thing is important – the bike takes 10 times less space than the car, what a saving of parking places! The daily house-work route, weekend rides with friends or holiday trips to the end of the world can only be done by bike. A shopping trip can also be a pleasure, especially when we have a large basket or a luggage pannier, just like in the model mentioned above. What price we pay – incomparably smaller than the owners of cars reaching deeper and deeper into the pockets of gas stations and city car parks. Goodbye excise, welcome freedom! 

The bike is eco 

We segregate rubbish, select paper bags in supermarkets, do sports, quit smoking and ride a bike. Why is the bike eco? More bicycles instead of cars on the roads are less traffic jams, less noise, cleaner air. Cycling at short distances, to work or school is the best way to reduce CO2 emissions. Ten kilometers traveled by car is equivalent to the emission of 2 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. These are very tangible numbers and each of us can have a real impact on their reduction.

Bike instead of a psychologist 

In stressful situations, or while solving an insoluble problem, we turn to our friend, mother, eventually a psychologist, for help. Sad times we often overeat with chocolate, which illusively replaces us with a feeling of happiness, in effect leaving us only extra kilos. We often forget about the beneficial effects of physical exercise. Intensive cycling oxygenates our brain, improves blood pressure, produces radin, which affect the satisfaction and increase vital energy, stimulating action. It is worth remembering that endorphins also increase the endurance of our body for pain, which enables further effort. The best bonus, however, is the fact that this condition lasts a few hours after the end of the move, and if we decide on a cycling marathon, the feeling of euphoria can last up to a week! 


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