Dumplings with poppy seeds – nutritional values

Dumplings with poppy seeds are usually prepared from the ready poppy seed mass, with sugar, honey and dried fruit. Polish dumplings with poppy seeds are in some regions Polish traditional Christmas Eve dishes, which can not be missed on the holiday table What are the nutritional values ​​of noodles with poppy seeds? kcal provide?

Dumplings with poppy seeds are traditional Christmas Eve dishes in some regions of Poland. Pods with poppy seeds can prepare from ready poppy seed or home-made flour regardless of the poppy seed mass used, dumplings with poppy seeds usually appear on the plate with sugar, The dumplings with poppy seeds come from Małopolska, where they are used to express them: in Silesian, instead of pasta, previously soaked bread is used, which translates into poppy seed, the so-called poppy-heads.


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Dumplings with poppy seeds – composition

The basic ingredients of noodles with poppy seeds are pasta, poppy seeds, honey and dried fruits. Pasta can be prepared on its own with wheat flour, eggs and water, or used ready-made pasta of any shape. Pasta is boiled in lightly salted water. from poppy seeds, honey, walnuts, almonds, raisins, orange peel.

Sometimes, rum, figs and tangerines are added to the poppy seed mass. The poppy seed for the preparation of the poppy seed mass is previously flooded with hot water and boiled for about 40 minutes, after which it drains and dries twice. combined with honey, dried fruit is added to poppy seeds and mixed with pasta.

Dumplings with poppy seeds – nutritional values ​​and calories

Dumplings with poppy seeds are a calorie dish – in 100g dishes it provides 398 kcal. In addition, noodles with poppy seeds are rich in fat, however, the most common are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are source of walnuts and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, the source of which is poppy seed.

In addition, noodles with poppy seeds provide valuable vitamins and minerals – they are a source of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron, which come from walnuts and almonds, iron participates in the transport and storage of oxygen, is used for the production of red blood cells, also participates in the synthesis DNA, a role in immune processes, and its deficiency in the body leads to anemia. Calcium determines the proper functioning of the skeletal system, while magnesium participates in thermoregulation processes, regulation of blood pressure, muscle contraction and nerve conduction.

However, dumplings with poppy seeds are not a dish that we should consume often, although it contains minerals and vitamins that have a positive effect on the body, it is a high calorie product, it also contains saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.