A meal during training?

Most people who are not marathon runners do not know that you can also eat during training. Sometimes it is even necessary for the preservation of energy and health during the competition.

A meal during training – for whom

The meal during training is intended primarily for long-distance runners. During long hours of running or long bike rides, we use muscle glycogen, which needs to be topped up so as not to burn the muscles. If we do not replenish glycogen during training, the so-called wall can catch us. Its symptom is simply cutting off the electricity.

We lose all energy and every move becomes a huge effort. Dizziness appears legs begin to weigh a ton. The meal during training is also used by bodybuilders. For them, the most important thing is not to enter the state of catabolism – muscle breakdown.


When to eat a meal during training?

During long-distance training, long-distance runners and strength athletes should eat after the first hour. It is also important to calculate how much carbohydrates we need for a given training session. 1 g per kilogram of body weight per hour is best.

Bodybuilders can provide carbohydrates to the body after just 20 minutes of training. This is because strength exercises are based most of all on anaerobic energy systems. This results in faster glycogen burning, which must be supplemented to prevent catabolism.

What to eat during training?

The best carbohydrate gels, isotonic and protein bars will work as training meals. Isotonic beverages supply not only sugars but also electrolytes. We lose these together with sweat while running. Gels provide primarily carbohydrates or energy. Protein bars are also indicated.Hydratonic Energy

However, you need to choose a bar that does not burden your stomach. It should not contain large amounts of fat. It should be easy to consume and contain a properly selected amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Such bars add energy and prevent muscle breakdown. During marathons or triathlons, they do a great job.

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