Eggs – why eat them?

Very often you can find the statement that eggs are not especially healthy for us because of what they have in themselves. It is mainly about the problem of “bad cholesterol, which, as is well known, does not work well on our body. However, many studies try to show this product from another good side….

Egg. What’s the truth

Every few years, scientists change the front, once proclaiming eggs with heart and vessel killers, again claiming to be the source of the most valuable substances. What’s the truth?  The fact is that eggs are a rich source of cholesterol, cholesterol is the main component of atherosclerotic plaques occluding vessels, leading to heart attack, stroke…

Egg protein or whey protein isolate?

With the current saturation of the market, various preparations appear with questions and doubts about the choice of the right type of protein. We will try to briefly discuss the less common types of protein supplements available. __ Here you can find proteins – CLICK __ Protein is an essential component of the bodybuilder’s diet….

Truth and myths about the harmfulness of eggs

There are many articles about eggs, many outdated ones, the questions are still the same, so I renew the topic about the myths of egg harm.  Eggs are the source of the most valuable substances, and yet some blame them for heart problems and atherosclerosis. Chicken egg is a complete material needed for the life…

Eggs are not associated with cardiovascular diseases

To this day, there are dozens of ingrained myths associated with eggs. They were supposed to cause heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, infertility and be a source of all kinds of health ailments. Unfortunately (for the eulogists of myths), the fears related to eggs have not been confirmed in scientific research.  It turned out that  Another scientific…