Exercises at home after bariatric surgery

How to exercise and with what physical activities to use after leaving the hospital after bariatric surgery, so as not to overload the body and encourage him to burn more body fat? 


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Bariatric surgery is a method of treatment of second degree obesity (if you have obesity complications) and third degree obesity. Such treatments are performed on schedule. In some hospitals, patients are prepared for them for up to a year. But the body even treats planned surgical interventions like … an emergency. After the operation, it works so as to fix it as soon as possible. 

He needs energy for post-operative regeneration. But where does he get it when a patient after a bariatric surgery is on a special, low-calorie diet? The body can reach for energy to two sources. For muscle tissue or adipose tissue. To get energy from the other, you must give him a signal that you use the muscles and you need them. You can do it only by exercising! 

But there is a problem here. In the first weeks after surgical operations, especially as extensive as a bariatric surgery, it is recommended to run the so-called economical lifestyle without getting tired. And this is so that the body has good conditions for regeneration and that in the places of cuts in the abdominal wall there is no hernia. So how do you reconcile the two recommendations do not overdo yourself and move as much as possible? 

This is a very important time to take a sick leave and stay at home. Then you learn how your digestive system changes after the operation and how the body reacts to the change of diet. You may feel weakness for the first two weeks after the procedure. In the next weeks you will notice how you gain more strength every day. If you have been practicing before surgery, after 4 weeks of surgery you will have the same efficiency as before.

Physiotherapeutic recommendations for the first 4 weeks after surgery 

1 / Come as much as possible! Walking can not be long but frequent – 2-3 times a day. Take the number of steps with the pedometer, but do not worry if it is less than before the operation. If before the surgery you performed 12-16 thousand steps a day, you will be able to do about 7-9 thousand after him. 

2 / Perform breathing exercises three times a day to regain the correct pattern of deep breathing. Shortly after the surgery, you may have flushed your breath when you felt chest pain. Now you need to restore your breath with a full breath to oxygenate your body. We recommend this exercise 

3 / Perform exercises with low resistance of the arms and legs – examples
Exercises with low resistance of the muscles of the arms and legs will produce results if performed in 3 sets of 15 repetitions. When practicing hands, move your move up quickly, but lower your hand slower, then the exercise will be more effective. Remember, the bay control the movement throughout its course. 

This is the time of the greatest weight reduction, shaping new, healthy eating habits and a new figure, as well as supporting the body in post-operative regeneration. One year is a contractual term. In some patients, it may last several months, and in some patients even up to 1.5 calendar years. Physiotherapists observe that during this time they do not suddenly switch to intensive training, but introduce them in stages. Remember that in this one year you train to regain health. 

1 / First trainings, 3 to 5 times a week for 15 minutes, you can enter after 4 weeks after surgery, after a visit to the surgeon who will confirm that the wounds heal properly. 

2 / Best exercises for 1 year after surgery

3 / Do not forget about exercises strengthening the torso muscles to straighten the figure. For many years you wore several dozen kilos more and your spine could bend over. Exercise first, lying down, and then in a chair on the chair with corrected or upright posture. The best exercise at the very beginning will be lifting and falling of the hips in a lying position on the back. 

4 / After 3 months after the surgery you can use the treatments in the cryochamber. Start with 10 treatments that will help regenerate the body. You will feel an injection of energy, and the strong congestion of the body immediately after a cold treatment will improve the quality of the skin. After a year of surgery, when the metabolic rate is leveled, you can turn it up with another 20 treatments in the cryochamber. In this way you will lose more body fat again. Cryotherapy has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-swelling properties, accelerates the regeneration of the body, strengthens its immunity, improves bone mineralization, which in people with obesity may be weaker and increases the secretion of endorphins (hormones happiness) and testosterone. 

5 / After 6 months of bariatric surgery, when you notice that you do not lose weight, although you stick to new dietary recommendations, try to walk 10,000 steps a day and regularly aerobically (at least 3 times a week), you can go to interval training. Before you do this, consult your bariatric dietitian to check the composition and calorie content of your meals. During more forced training than before, you may lose consciousness. 

6 / Strength training at the gym can be entered after min. 2-3 months after surgery, but it will be safest to start growing after 6 months from the surgery. 

7 / You can enter the atlas exercise six months after the operation. Remember, however, that too intensive training in the atlas can quickly lead to injury, and then forced by treatment and rehabilitation to slow down the process of reducing body fat. 


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Get a form in 10 weeks

In the Warsaw 35mm Club, couple of people announced the start of a unique incentive program \ Gain Form in 10 Weeks. On the same day, the Polish online platform dedicated to this project was launched. Gain Form in 10 Weeks is an international campaign, created by the German Olympic champions, which has gained enormous popularity in many European countries and already has tens of thousands of active and satisfied participants. 


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What distinguishes  Gain Form in 10 Weeks from other sets of exercises and slimming programs is an absolutely innovative formula. Everyone who joins the program, for 10 weeks will, together with Katarzyna Skrzynecka and Marcin Łopuck, exercise and cook healthily, and thanks to a specially created application, also observe their progress. Participants will be constantly motivated and filled with interesting tips, so that throughout the duration of the program, systematically and consistently pursue the goal, which is primarily the change of bad habits to a healthy lifestyle. 

The conference was attended by the creators of the program Frederik Harkort and Gerhard Bloechl, who managed to genially match the Polish representatives of the project – a well-known and sympathetic pair. They brought to the program not only their great energy and good image, but first of all they adapted the campaign to Polish conditions. 

Popular actress and singer, a person with an extraordinary sense of humor, with a lot of positive energy, in her example proved the effectiveness of the program. Her very 10 weeks after the birth of her daughter, she managed to return to a great figure from before pregnancy, gain a perfect form and energy. Polish Champion, European Champion and First World Vice-Champion in Gym Fitness, in a professional manner presents the sequences of exercises, provides nutritional advice and motivates to work on his body to feel good and comfortable in it. 

Joining the program takes place in a very simple way – start to practice and cook healthy. Each participant will regularly receive films with exercises and recipes, and will be regularly motivated. 


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