Mountain rosacea improves mental functions

Rhodiola rose (rhodiola rosea) is a very interesting herb used in Chinese and Scandinavian medicine probably for 3,000 years. Other common names are Rosavin, Rosenroot, Rhodiola Rhizome, Golden Root, Arctic Root, Rhodiola. 


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The most important effect observed in scientific research is the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion, eg during stressful situations. 

Active substances in rosacea

Recently, it turned out that the rosary can have a beneficial effect on higher cognitive functions. One influence of Rhodiola Rose on the divisibility of attention was examined. 

Fifty healthy participants (age range 30-50 years) received Rhodiola Rosea WS® 1375 (200 mg) extract for 12 weeks, 2 times daily. Cognitive functions were assessed at the beginning and after 6 and after 12 weeks. The study uses the paradigm of two simultaneous tasks (dual-task paradigm) involving the visual search task and the task of distinguishing syllables. 



What is the ANT test? In the ANT task, the examined person decides by pressing a key on the computer keyboard, whether the central stimulus in the form of an arrow points to the right or left. On both sides of the stimulus there are distractors – four arrows. Side arrows may be directed at the same as the central stimulus direction (condition of a compatible distractor) or in the opposite direction (condition of an incompatible distractor).

The application of rhodiola rosea has a beneficial effect on the distribution of attention resources, concentration, speed of operation and accuracy of performing tasks in situations of high complexity. 


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