Fish in Greek – nutritional value of fish in Greek

Fish in Greek is a dish of Polish cuisine that enjoys the greatest popularity during Christmas time.In spite of what the name suggests, Greek fish has little to do with Greek cuisine. What nutritional value does the fish have in Greek? How many calories does fish have in Greek? Is Greek fish healthy?


Fish fillets should be thawed if we use them. Season with salt and pepper, bread in flour and fry until golden.Translate into a dish suitable for baking.Meat carrot, celery, parsley on thick slices of grater.Le cut into halfplaster, onion in feathers. season with salt and pepper, water with two glasses of boiling water, add mustard and concentrate, laurel leaf and allspice, sprinkle for about 20 minutes, cover the fish with vegetables, bake at 160 degrees for half an hour, eat warm or the next day in the cold.


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Is Greek fish healthy?

In Greek fish the least healthy is flour coating, which soaks oil during frying.The dish itself is relatively healthy and light, and also not very caloric.To improve its digestibility and avoid flatulence after a meal, it is better to give up the coating, and frying fish to change When stewing vegetables you can also give up larger amounts of fat, because the vegetables will start to release the water in which they will suffocate.

Where does the fish come from in Greece?

Fish in Greek is associated with traditional Polish cuisine and guests on holiday tables in almost all Polish houses. Greek fish is usually served during Christmas Eve supper, but it is a relatively new dish and the theory that the dish was invented in PRL was right. At the time of empty shop shelves, the dish can be made from any fish, and the vegetable additions – carrots, celery, parsley and onions are not exclusive and the name itself attracted and gave a substitute for the exotic.

The recipe for fish in Greek is difficult to find in pre-war cookbooks.At Maria Ochorowicz – Monatowa, one of the best-known authors of this period related to the kitchen, we find recipes for fish in French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, of course Polish and Yiddish, but Greek – no.

Greek fish is not a dish from Greece, of course, not only Greek people, but also think that the dish is very different from the flavors of Greek cuisine, but the person who invented the name could be inspired by the richness of fish and vegetables in this very place. Perhaps the prototype of Polish fish in Greek is psari plaki – baked whole fish covered with a vegetable sauce based on tomatoes with the addition of herbs watered with white wine.


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