Rules of healthy grilling

Grilling and eating outside can be an attractive diversion of a healthy menu.

However, one should remember about several important principles that will minimize the negative effects of this method of heat treatment and will not affect the figure in the form of extra fat tissue. 


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The dominant product grilled in home gardens is sausages, which unfortunately are not a desirable element of a healthy diet

Due to the high degree of processing and very often low quality raw materials and additives used for production. Therefore, it is worth taking into account other food products that can be prepared and consumed with the taste in the open air – meat, fish, cheese, mushrooms, vegetables or even fruit. Undoubtedly, an attractive addition to grilled meat and vegetable dishes will be colorful salads, prepared with fresh vegetables and olive oil. For making meat, you can include hand-made marinades on the basis of your favorite spices and meat additives. It is also worth choosing thinner types of meat – it should be remembered that fats in high temperatures undergo changes, which are accompanied by the formation of carcinogens and dangerous to health. 

Apparently, obviously, but many people think that due to the high temperature, it makes no sense to pay too much attention to the grill grate washing. Meanwhile, sticking residues become charred and are a source of toxic compounds. After every grill, clean food contact elements to reduce the risk of hazardous substances. 

Although the boundary between well-baked and burnt is sometimes quite freely interpreted, however, for health reasons, it is not necessary to eat some evidently charred parts, which are characterized by a high concentration of carcinogens and unhealthy substances for the human body 


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