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Huperzine: Short-term memory amplifier

By the term “short-term memory amplifier” I understand that huperzine (also called huperzine A) improves your working memory. This substance occurs naturally in a plant called huperzia serrata, however, synthesized in the laboratory is just as effective.

My subjective experience with this substance:

-It makes it easier to remember different things, both important and trivial.

-It helps with making quick decisions and improvising.

-The mind is able to receive more information at once.

Huperzine makes me remember my phone numbers on a given day without having to save them. If I have to learn a new topic, this substance will make it so I have no problem assimilating a completely new topic and I will be able to build a broader picture of the whole concept. It makes the memory seem more “sticky”, so you do not have to go back to what you read some time ago while learning. You just remember everything.

Thanks to huperzine, the mind finds it much easier to build an enlarged image of what I am working on and much more clearly demonstrates its conceptual framework. In short, huperzine is extremely useful in accepting and understanding new issues.

The mechanism of action of huperzine

Time for knowledge for “nerds”: huperzine is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (what a word!). Essentially, it helps to pull acetylcholine out of neurons and prevent its decomposition. Acetylcholine in healthy people reaches its lowest level in the evening, at bedtime. Its deficiencies are supplemented during good, effective sleep, which is why the highest level of this substance in the body is in the morning causing you to feel fresh and “topped up” throughout the day.

So what exactly are the benefits of taking huperzine?

First of all, acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter. If you raise its level in the body, you will improve your response to stimuli and improve the ability to make quick decisions. It’s no coincidence that diseases such as Alzheimer’s are associated with a decrease in cholinergic capacity (i.e. acetylcholine production) in neurons. Research on huperzine began precisely with those associated with the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

In simple words, huperzine helps keep more fuel in the “battery” of your brain.

More of my experiences with huperzine

Just because huperzine gives more content to your brain does not mean it’s stimulating, just like coffee. Its operation is quite subtle. However, thanks to it you start to catch more things with your senses. Colours can become more vivid. In music, you start hearing more nuances. Your visualization ability can become more vivid and more efficient.

I think that’s because the brain gets more fuel. As a result, the cognitive abilities and the ability to learn more information from the world grow.

An interesting side effect of taking a huperzine is to raise the brightness of dreams and the likelihood that you will remember them when you wake up. It’s therefore a nice remedy for people who care about lucid dreaming.

Recommended doses and periods of use

The daily recommended dose of huperzine is 100-200 micrograms. It should be taken “for the day” and only on days when you need more intellectual performance (i.e. not on weekends or during holidays).

The tested daily dose is 200 μg. It’s small, therefore huperzine is sold in tiny tablets. For new users, I recommend starting with 100 μg per day.

To improve the effect of lucid dreaming, Tim Ferriss recommends on his blog to take a standard dose 30 minutes before bedtime. However, it’s not recommended to take huperzine before bedtime, as it can cause problems with falling asleep during daily use.

The action of huperzine is felt after about 15 minutes and lasts about 12 hours. So it starts to work very quickly and slowly releases itself. You can take one more dose once or swallow two smaller doses throughout the day.

If you take huperzine every day, the tolerance will increase. It’s good to take a break, e.g. on weekends and holidays. It’s also recommended to take a week long break in taking it once a month to reduce the tolerance to this preparation. You can also take huperzine occasionally, e.g. when you have an extraordinary amount of work or study – for example, every day for a week before the exam and then stop.