Be hydrated in summer!

The arrival of summer is a good time to remember how important hydration is.

This water is responsible for regulating the body temperature through the release of sweat and protection against overheating. High summer temperatures increase the need for liquids, thanks to which the body can function effectively.


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This is especially important if you regularly play sports or do a tiring job. Even when you do not notice it, your body sweats more at higher temperatures, and if you do physical work, it can shed up a liter of liquid per hour. Lost liquids should be topped up so that the body will remain in good working order as well as during play.

Even if you work in an air-conditioned room, you can not forget about the importance of providing the body with water. Research carried out by British scientists has shown that dehydration caused by the action of air conditioning can aggravate stress in office workers, as well as cause headaches and drowsiness. Air conditioning can also dry the skin, which is caused in particular by dehydration.


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