What sport for whom?

Sport has many positive effects on our health and well-being. During physical activity, we not only oxidize, strengthen muscles and joints and improve our mood. We feel and look better.
How to choose the most suitable type of sport for you? 


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In order for sport to enjoy and positively affect our health and well-being, we must choose that it not only be pleasant to us, but above all, it does not hurt. Individual types of sports force specific parts of muscles and joints to work, so choosing a sport for yourself is worth having in mind your tastes and ailments. Recreational exercise not only should not be a chore, causing frustration, but also can not be a source of injury or deterioration of our health. In addition, it is worth adapting it to our expectations and possibilities. Do we want to practice to lose weight or maintain a slim figure? Or maybe sport is to be a form of entertainment for us or an occasion for socializing? Outdoors or under the roof? We suggest what kind of sport to choose! 

First of all, let us answer the basic questions that help clarify our preferences regarding physical activity 

1. Do you prefer to practice outdoors or indoors? 

2. Do you like individual or group sports? 

3. Do you want to practice recreation to lose weight, or maybe to sculpt muscles? 

4. Do you prefer static or dynamic sports? 

5. Do you have a chronic illness or have you had injuries that affect your fitness? 

Once you answer the above questions, it will be easier for you to choose the type of physical activity that is right for you. Below you will find factual descriptions of the most popular types of recreational sports. You will find out what sport is suitable for the type of personality, motivation, who should beware of it and how many calories you will burn when practicing a given sport. 


Recreational swimming does not require special training or equipment. It is enough to have a good physical condition and, of course, be able to swim. This form of physical exercise has many advantages and is extremely pleasant. Regular swimming keeps the body in a good shape, increases the capacity of the respiratory system and perfectly relaxes. 

Swimming is also recommended for people with various types of movement dysfunctions, it is often one of the elements of effective rehabilitation, which is often recommended when returning to the form after various types of injuries. However, when you want to use the healing properties of swimming, be sure to consult with your doctor or physiotherapist beforehand. 

For whom? 

Swimming is recommended for both children and adolescents, especially during the period of intense growth, due to the positive impact of the spine and posture. However, even women who are pregnant and seniors can benefit from swimming pools equally well, for whom a very low level of training in water will be a great relaxation. Swimming is an excellent sport for both those who expect a lot of physical activity and for less enthusiastic practitioners. And if from the activity in the pool we expect something more than swimming, let’s put on aqua aerobic! 

How many calories are burned while swimming? 

An hour of intense swimming is a loss of around 600 calories. 


Riding on two wheels is a sport that we can successfully grow from spring to autumn. It does not require any special physical condition or large financial outlays. All you need is an efficient bike, a comfortable outfit and good intentions to quickly convince you of the undoubted advantages of regular pedaling! 

For whom? 

For anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. The bike can be both a form of recreation and transport. When the aura externally favors it, it is worth giving up on commuting to work by car for a healthy and ecological bike ride. Riding a bicycle is recommended for all lovers of dynamic sports, both those who like loneliness and sports companions. After a medical consultation, the bike is often recommended for people with degenerations of the spine and knee and hip joints. The bike is also a great way to take care of your condition and health, because it can be one of the effective elements of prevention of hypertension and diseases of the circulatory system. It will also be appreciated by those who care about losing a few pounds and strengthening and modeling the muscles (especially the lower parts of the body). 

How many calories are burned while cycling?

An hour of cycling is a loss of around 600-800 calories. 


Running or jogging is the most economical and one of the most-chosen sports. The advantages of jogging include oxygenation and better performance of the body, prevention of cardiovascular disease, depression, cancer or diabetes, support of the slimming process, and, if we run outdoors, perfect relaxation and de-stressing. In addition, running is an extremely natural sport, easily coming to most people. 

For whom? 

Running is recommended for people of all ages, with different physical condition. Tranquil jogging can be successfully even for seniors! It is important to take reasonable steps towards jogging and gradually increase distances, running speed and difficulty of the training route. And attention! Remember about the right footwear and a short warm-up, this will protect our joints against possible injuries. 

How many calories burns while running? 

An hour of jogging is a loss of about 800 calories. 


Fashionable fitness is a great proposition for all those who like to be on time, try new products and do not have a terrible exercise in a large group of other trainers. The offerings of fitness clubs burst at the seams, suggesting different types of activities – more or less dynamic, with music, in the form of dance, with instruments etc. Everyone will find something for himself! And the big advantage of this type of activities is primarily training with a professional instructor, thanks to which we will not lack motivation, and we will be calm about safety during the exercises. 

For whom? 

For all those who like classes in groups who want to lose a few kilos or model their figure.Regular fitness training will soon bring effects in the form of a firmer, slimmer body, better frame of mind and increased vitality and energy! 

How many calories are burned during fitness?

Depending on the type of fitness, the hour of training is a loss of up to 550 calories. 


I speak and write a lot about the benefits of yoga. First of all, yoga positively affects not only our condition, but also health and well-being. It’s best to start training under the supervision of an instructor, but we may as well try to practice at home, assisting with instruction from books, DVDs or the internet. To practice yoga, you will need a comfortable sports outfit, exercise mat and ankle and straps (useful when performing certain items). 

For whom? 

The greatest advantage of yoga is its versatility! Yoga can be successfully practiced by everyone, including people with various joint ailments, seniors and even pregnant women. However, before yoga session, it is important to report yoga to any instructor, then it will adapt the training to our needs. Yoga is a perfect proposition for those who care for a slimmer, more flexible body as well as relaxation and inner quietness. Some yoga schools offer classes combined with relaxation techniques or meditation. 

How many calories burns during yoga? 

An hour yoga session is a loss of about 200 to 400 calories depending on the level of advancement.


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Run round the year!

The jogging season is slowly ending.However, the autumn weather does not necessarily mean having to give up your favorite form of physical activity.Cross-country training can be moved to the roof.We check whether the treadmill can be an effective replacement for jogging outdoors.The Poles were crazy about running a few years ago.This is proved not only by the growing number of marathon participants, but also by crowds of runners in city parks.Jogging, however, is a seasonal fashion.


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The autumn weather is not conducive to the systematic practice of outdoor sports.Well, how can you exercise here every day, when the window is covered by rain, mud and lower and lower temperatures?However, if we have been running intensely for the last few months, it is certainly not worth suspending trainings because of a bad weather.A good alternative is treadmills, which can be used at home or in the gym.Thanks to this, running training can be performed throughout the year.

Running on the tape

– Having your own treadmill allows you to play sports anytime.However, it is worth remembering that it is difficult to compare the results of training on a treadmill with results from the terrain.The lack of terrain unevenness, air resistance and the speed set rigidly make such running easier simply

The specificity of running on the treadmill also assumes a slightly different body position, and thus also the way the individual muscles are used.During this training, the walking belt moves, and we stay in the same position.It is therefore the reverse of the classic race in which we must move our body forward.Consequently, the field run is much more exhausting for the muscles of the entire body.


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Jogging for the persistent

Exercises on the treadmill and jogging course can not be compared at all levels.The basic is to travel the route not on the tape, surrounded by concrete walls, but among nature.The treadmill is not slow for us to run an unknown path or get pleasure in admiring the landscapes.

When using jogging as aerobic training, remember that our body burns fat best within 60-70 percent.maximum heart rate.Sprint will not result in a dream figure – to achieve this goal you should run long and slow.The intensity of effort can be measured with the help of the heart rate monitor not only for the calories burned but also the length of the route covered.- There are many such devices on the market.Depending on the precision of the measurement and additional functions, the price range can be as much as one thousand zlotys.The simplest heart rate monitors take heart rate measurements when you put your finger on the sensor.Much more precise devices, however, are equipped with a sensor placed on the chest

New on the market are speed sensors that are mounted on shoe laces.This small device will measure our speed, distance traveled and improve the technique of running.

The decision is yours

There is no doubt, however, that both forms of running give very good training results, strengthen muscles and allow you to burn unnecessary calories.The choice of the treadmill is a definite time saving.Every time of day (and night!) Is suitable for training.It is worth to be aware, however, that treadmill training differs from that performed in natural conditions.The treadmill is a great way to burn unnecessary body fat, but it certainly does not fully replace running training.


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