Consumption of meals – nutrition window

Changing breakfast times and supper can lead to fat reduction in overweight and obese people. This is the result of a study by scientists from the University of Surrey in Great Britain described in the Journal of Nutritional Sciences. 


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British scientists conducted a 10-week experiment assessing the effectiveness of nutrition in the time-restricted feeding model – consumption in a time-limited window, or a nutritional window. The experiment was aimed at determining how meal times affect the amount and type of food intake, body composition, as well as risk indicators for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

30 people took part in the study. They were divided into two groups. Those from the first, so-called control group, ate breakfasts and dinners at usual times. On the other hand, they were asked to eat breakfast 90 minutes later than usual and dinner 90 minutes earlier than usual. All participants filled in the diet diaries before and during the study and questionnaires after its completion. Everyone also provided blood samples before and after the test. The study participants were not on a strict diet. They could eat what they always eat, but only in the nutritional window.

As a result of the experiment, it turned out that people who changed the pores of their meals within 9 weeks lost an average of twice as much body fat and consumed less food per meal than those in the control group. 

If these results are confirmed in subsequent studies on time-limited nutrition, it is possible that a diet based on the \ nutrition window \ model will bring wide health benefits. Although this way of eating can be difficult to put into everyday life for a long time. 57 percent people who took part in the study stated that they could not stick to the new meal times more than 10 weeks (duration of the experiment), because this would not be compatible with family and social duties. It would be necessary to match the feeding window to the modern lifestyle. 


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Fiber and its nutritional properties

Fiber is one of the few nutrients that is not digested by the body, and hence – does not support muscle building. Nevertheless, it is very important for health. Fiber accelerates the metabolism, thanks to which fat burning becomes more effective. In addition, it helps in the absorption of protein and improves the condition of the body. This substance changes the way the nutrients are absorbed, which affects the body, which, thanks to fiber, draws many more health-promoting substances from meals. 


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Fiber contains all the ingredients of plant products that our bodies can not digest. In contrast to carbohydrates, fats and proteins from which we derive many nutrients. Due to the fact that the fiber is not digested, it passes virtually intact through the entire digestive system, and then it is excreted from the body. It may seem that fiber is useless, but it is not true. It meets several very important roles that our health often depends on. 

We distinguish two types of fiber 

This type of fiber binds water and settles in the digestive tract. Thanks to this, it cleanses the large intestine, which eliminates constipation. A diet that takes into account insoluble fiber is associated with a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

After dissolving, fiber creates a gel that helps maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels at the correct level. The source of this ingredient can be found in apples, beans, carrots and peas. Thanks to a substance resembling gel, we feel saturated for a long time. Soluble fiber can reduce the absorption of sugar into the body, thus preventing insulin spikes. 

Fiber also slows the digestion of proteins, so that the body has time to absorb all the nutritional value of this substance. Regardless of whether the meal was large or small. This means that fiber, although it does not directly affect muscle building, can help the body to do this. 

Universal action of fiber 

The average woman should take more than 20 grams of fiber a day, while a man over 30 grams. Everybody will find something in the diet of fiber – this substance supports slimming, but on the other hand, thanks to it, the body better absorbs proteins from food, which creates optimal conditions for muscle development in spite of everything. 


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Food pyramid

Because there is little information in Polish about the current Nutrition Pyramid and planning a diet, we should know what products to avoid and what are to be the basis of our nutrition, I put an article on this topic.  


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The last food pyramid, called the Healthy Nutrition Pyramid, will not be the last one but it may be the best yet. 

Using the shape of the pyramid to show what foods should be started started when the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) created the Food Pyramid in 1992. Since then, several pyramids have been added to show the eating habits of people of all ages (children and the elderly), different ethnic groups (Hispanics, Asians) and different points of view about what makes a healthy diet (Mediterranean diet). 

The last supplement, called the Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition, is a reflection of the most current nutrition research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard Medical School. 



Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition 

The main difference between the new and the old, original pyramid focuses on the balance between carbohydrates and fats. For ten years, doctors and dieticians have told people to eat more carbohydrates and avoid fat, but people in the United States and around the world have become obese in an alarming way. This led scientists to question their nutritional recommendations. The Healthy Nutrition Pyramid divides coals and fats into good and bad, and not as the old ones combine them. The new pyramid suggests other equally important changes including 

– limiting red meat, potatoes and processed cereals, such as white bread 

– limiting dairy products to one or two servings a day 

– substitution of unhealthy fats saturated with healthier unsaturated vegetable oils 

-using large amounts of wholegrain cereals, fruits and vegetables 

– daily multivitamins 

– you have a limited amount of alcohol 



From the Mediterranean

In many cases, the Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition resembles an older pyramid developed by the Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust (the non-governmental organization promoting a healthy lifestyle) and the Harvard School of Public Health. The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid was invented after scientists noticed that people who live near the Mediterranean (Italy, Greece, Spain) have lower levels of obesity, heart disease and cancer than most Americans. (Scientists warn that diet is only a part of this state of affairs, these people also eat less than a typical American and take more traffic every day.) 


A typical Mediterranean diet compared to the American one 

– poorer in saturated fats (animal fat derived from meat, full-fat milk and cheese); 

– richer in monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil); 

– places more emphasis on vegetables, fruits and legumes 


The most important assumptions of the Mediterranean diet 

– individual portions are not given. Instead, the foods are divided into those for “daily,” several times a week and “several times a month. 

– the basic layer (the one at the very bottom) includes potatoes, polenta, couscous, bulgur (a type of wheat groats) and other grains 

(USDA mentions only bread, grain, rice and pasta) 

-food, legumes and nuts are important, they are in the range of those that need to be consumed daily. 

– olive oil is distinguished by having its own place in the pyramid, in its middle part 

-the fry, poultry, eggs and sweets can be eaten only a few times a week 

– red meat, appearing at the top of the pyramid, eat only a few times a month 

– wine is recommended but in moderate amounts 


And the Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition and the Pyramid of the Mediterranean Diet give Americans the basis to choose the right balance between food products. If you are a vegetarian you will have to adjust your pyramid to be sure that you provide enough protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. 


For young and old 

People who are more than 70 years old also have their own pyramid. Researchers at Tufts University’s USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging have published a modified pyramid that targets mainly older Americans. 


Differences between the 70+ Pyramid and the original one 

– the base is recommended 8 or more glasses of water a day. Although everyone should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, this must be emphasized because the bodies of older people are less likely to alert them about the need for water. Drinking plenty of water can also help relieve constipation, a common disorder of aging adults. 

-flag at the top of the pyramid recommends supplementation with calcium, vitamin D and B12. It is difficult for many older people to deliver the right amount of vitamins from food alone. 

– Seniors for the elderly are also thinner than the standard, suggesting that older people should eat like “slimming people to cut calories, eating more nutrient-rich foods instead of high-calorie foods. 

Young children aged 2-6 have their own pyramid, similar to the USDA pyramid but with pictures of products that children commonly eat. Portions have also been changed, reflecting the true eating habits of children. Illustrations surrounding the pyramid show children involved in various forms of physical activity, emphasizing the importance of exercises – or in this case, play – in the lives of healthy children. 


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Myths and facts about the role of nutrition in oncological disease

There are many myths about nutrition in oncological disease, the existence of which may negatively affect the treatment process.

There are many myths about nutrition in oncological disease, the existence of which may negatively affect the treatment process.These myths function not only among the patients themselves, but also in social awareness, as shown by the SMG / KRC study commissioned by Nutricia Medyczna.We refute the most common ones.


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  1. MIT. Losing weight and malnutrition is a natural condition that accompanies the disease

77% of respondents believe this1.As a result of illness and therapy, eating problems may occur (lack of appetite, dysphagia, or problems with swallowing, nausea), but this does not mean that the weight loss always applies to every patient.Knowing about the occurrence of such side effects is all the more worth asking a doctor or dietitian, how to prevent malnutrition of the body.Deep malnutrition and cachexia are often independent factors of poor prognosis.An intensive nutritional treatment should be undertaken because an undernourished patient develops complications more often and may tolerate the treatment poorly.Often it is not able to carry out the therapy in full doses and at appropriate intervals of time, which can ultimately lead to worse results of oncological treatment.Prompt consultation with a doctor or dietitian in advance, diet change and / or addition of medical nutrition may positively influence the degree of nutrition, thus limiting its adverse effect on the therapy.Therefore, experts agree that medical nutrition should be an integral part of oncological treatment.


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  1. TRUTH AND MIT The best and most nutritious are home-made meals.

In the course of oncological treatment, for many oncological patients, the time comes when the traditional diet is unable to meet the increased demand for energy, protein and other nutrients.It is not without reason that many experts emphasize that one of the integral elements of treatment should be medical nutrition, that is the inclusion of specialized nutritional preparations (such as the Nutridrink type), which make it possible to supplement nutritional deficiencies.These preparations are in liquid form, are properly balanced, contain all the necessary nutrients and the right amount of energy in a small volume.As long as the patient can eat, it is possible to use them as a supplement to a normal diet and should be taken between meals.However, if necessary, some of these preparations can completely replace a normal diet or individual meals, for example when the patient has problems biting or swallowing.

  1. MIT Cancer can be starved.

28% of respondents agree with the statement that during cancer should be reduced intake of high-calorie products, vitamins and minerals, because they can accelerate the development of the disease.A fasting does not inhibit the development of cancer, but it can significantly worsen the patient’s condition.Malnutrition in the patient leads to the fact that the body has no fuel necessary to live and fight the disease.In order to obtain energy, the body uses its own supplies not only of body fat, but also of muscle tissue.As a consequence, it may result in extreme weakness, increased anorexia, lower pain threshold, and may lead to failure of many organs.The consequence of starving cancer may be postponing subsequent stages of therapy or even preventing treatment.


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Nutrition of the brain – what to eat to improve brain plasticity?

Adequate nutrition of the brain is enormous for its functioning, therefore, along with the diet it needs to provide good quality nutrients, otherwise the brain will stop working properly, just like with a car – bad fuel can damage the engine and affect its operation badly. what to eat to improve the plasticity of the brain and help its work.

The brain is like a jelly about two clenched fists, it’s a very plastic organ If you cut one part of the tissue surgically, the brain grows so that some time later the whole space is filled with delicate brain tissue. Water is 80% of the mass (almost like in food jelly.) After evaporation of water, about 80% of fat and 20% of proteins in the dry matter, which can be surprising, a lot of fat in the brain is cholesterol (yes, cholesterol it is fat) and saturated fatty acids (SFA) – monounsaturated (MFA) and polyunsaturated (PUFA) All fats can be synthesized by the body itself, but it is not able to produce the appropriate amount of essential fatty acids – for this reason they have been named NECESSARY unsaturated fatty acids.

Does the brain grow at any age?

In the human body, catabolic (disintegration) and anabolic (construction) reactions occur all the time. At different times, there are only one, the second time, what are these reactions? You can explain their reaction in the following way: When anabolic reactions occur, the team enters builds with barrows and buckets Then the body rebuilds itself The majority of anabolic reactions prevail in young people, with catabolic reactions taking place the next day – then the team with the crowbars responsible for the demolition and garbage collection enters.

These processes also take place in the brain, which is why it is very important that after the age of 30, the construction team has the best equipment available on the market, and the buckets are filled with top-shelf components, just like in road construction. If the diet will be based on a white flour, nothing good will come of it.And what can you put in a construction team for pails? The key in this case are the two basic components – proteins and fats.


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Why do pregnant women have a desire for herring?

The fact that the developing nervous system, including the brain, needs special elements to build, is convinced by pregnant women.The proverbial desire for a herring illustrates this greatly.Herring is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids from the omega-3 family and protein.These components, like lego blocks, build – a molecule by molecule – complicated elements of the nervous system.Herrings eaten raw (in oil or vinegar) are particularly valuable because the structure of their valuable fatty acids remains unchanged.However, during frying or baking a large part of unsaturated fatty acids break down, losing their valuable properties.The key to success, or to proper nutrition and functioning of the brain – are EFAs.Provided in the right amount and form, they fill the spaces of the myelin sheath and thus support the transmission of information between

A proper diet improves brain function

By properly composing the daily menu, you can significantly affect cognitive functions. Growth is noticeable when you include products such as

  • olive oil
  • rapeseed oil
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • an avocado

These are rich sources of monounsaturated fatty acids (MFA) .The increase in their concentration in the blood translates into an increase in intelligence, which has been shown scientifically. As the latest research shows, the relationship between the content of MFA and the possibilities of concentration (for which the frontal cerebral cortex corresponds) Researchers found that increasing the content of these components in the diet of older people positively influenced the results of tests performed by seniors on intelligence.The higher concentration of MFA in the frontal cortex of the cerebral cortex visibly raises the intellectual ability of the subjects.

Such knowledge is extremely important. Thanks to the knowledge of the dependence of particular components on brain function in the future it will be possible to develop an appropriate nutrition model that will personally improve the natural functioning of the brain.

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How to prevent brain cells mortality?

In addition to regular effects on the development of brain cells, it is important to prevent their mortality.The brain is largely made up of unsaturated fats, which makes it extremely susceptible to free radicals, i.e. oxidation.The structure of unsaturated fatty acids is unstable. The oxidation affects, for example, linseed oil, which is rich in EFA, and therefore it should be stored in a dark and cool place, preferably in a glass bottle.

Proper MFA supply supports the creation of new connections in a complicated network of nerve cells, which is particularly important in the case of older people exposed to the development of neurodegenerative diseases, as well as any person exposed to intense mental effort or chronic stress.

There are well-known mechanisms to counter oxidation reactions, and two enzymes can be mentioned here

superoxide dismutase and catalase, which are naturally produced by the body.However, it is usually not enough.Therefore, you should support yourself with antioxidants available in food. Such ingredients include vitamin A, C and E and carotenes.Carotenes can be found primarily in vegetables ranging from orange to purple and green.It is also worth providing various types of polyphenolic compounds available in edible parts of plants.At present, more than 4,000 such compounds are known.In addition to a well-balanced diet, the method of stopping the action of free radicals is a periodic fast, or conscious abstention from eating.

How can you stop the action of free radicals? Take care of a calm, deep and uninterrupted sleep .It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours a day and it is worth to keep in mind. During sleep in the body there are complicated reactions that affect the better functionality of the brain Sleep can not be replaced by any medicine or supplement, whereas sleep deficiency is a mechanism that releases significant amounts of free radicals.

Moderate and regular physical activity is also important, it affects the sealing of the barrier against free radicals.


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