Ostrich – a healthy alternative to meats on the holiday table

Red meat with low fat and cholesterol. Dream? No, it’s ostrich meat that can be eaten without remorse. In addition to the rich taste, ostrich is rich in ingredients such as protein and iron.

The fashion for ostrich rushes with the wind. Struth is associated mainly with the distant land. Feathers, this African-born splinter, have been used in the clothing industry for years. Ostrich eggs used for special occasions are also popular, eg as a curiosity at Easter

However, the ostrich is also meat, from which we can make a lot of interesting dishes. It is increasingly grown in Europe. It is a new but dynamically developing branch of meat processing. The interest in ostrich farming is looking for an alternative to problematic beef (mad cow disease or foot and mouth disease). Strusina is very healthy, which strengthens its position from year to year. The largest importer of ostrich in the world are our western neighbors.


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Do not bury your head in the sand, open yourself to new flavors

The ostrich meat slowly enters the Polish plates. It has an intense red color and reminds of beef. Flavor oscillates between beef and veal, but it is more delicate, sweeter, with a deeper juicy flavor. However, these are not the only qualities of this extraordinary meat. It is very lean, contains less fat than chicken and has a lower content of cholesterol or saturated acids. In addition, it is low in sodium, so it can be successfully consumed by people with hypertension and cardiovascular disease.


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– Ostrich is a whole lot of nutrients you need. It has more iron and phosphorus than beef or chicken meat. For babies, pregnant women, nursing people, the elderly, this meat is particularly important, because it contains arachidonic acid, which is important in these periods of life.

Not a terrible ostrich when they paint it

In Poland, ostrich is already available in retail sales. On the supermarket shelves, ostrich meat and its offal are increasingly being hosted. Cured meats, pates and even kabanos are becoming more and more popular among those looking for healthy consumer solutions. Ostrich meat is eaten in various forms. Anglo-Saxon cultures are dominated by steaks, roasts and burgers. In Germany, sausages are popular, which we will also get in Poland. The way of making ostrich is similar to beef. – In order to meet the diverse tastes of our customers, we have introduced ostrich meat and pâtés to our offer. And I have to say with pride that they are enjoying greater recognition and interest .

Although we can assume that the ostrich will not outclass chicken products so popular in Poland, all this indicates that the exotic origin of ostrich, outstanding taste and health attributes will make ostrich products more and more frequent on our tables. Not only since Christmas.


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