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Oat-based products are commonly known to people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Oatmeal cookies, bran or cereal are often found in the diet of people exercising or those who are slimming. However, does oat benefit only our nutrition? Find out how it is.

What are oats?

The oats are defined as one of the types of plants that belong to the family of grasshoppers. The large group includes as many as 35 different species,

most of them are arable crops. The most-cultivated variety is Avena sativa, accounting for nearly 90% of all crops in the world. In our country, about 80% of all crops are for fodder and 15% for seed. The remaining 5% is used for consumption. However, thanks to more and more accurate research on the properties of this plant, its use in broadly understood medicine is starting to grow.

Oats – properties

Oats are mainly used for the production of groats and oatmeal, which are one of the main elements of the diet of people who care about their health. The reason for its popularity is the large content of carbohydrates easily digested by our bodies. What’s more, there are also non-starch compounds that create extremely beneficial fibers for our digestive system. However, polysaccharides are not the only advantage of this underrated product.

In the composition of oat grains, you can find various fatty compounds. Almost 40% of all lipids are linoleic acid, which effectively prevents the development of dementia. In addition, there are also oleic and palmitic acids. It is also worth adding that in addition to the rich content of fats, nearly 15% of the composition is proteins. Owing to this, oats are more nutritious than other, more popular types of cereals.

In addition to standard macronutrients, oat is the richness of numerous micronutrients. I am talking mainly about vitamins from group B and various elements, among which magnesium, copper, potassium, and calcium should be mentioned. Other parts of oats, such as bran, straw or herbs, also contain a lot of valuable substances. Examples include amino acids, flavonoids, lutein, steroid saponins or silica solubility


Application of oats

The rich composition of oats makes it widely used in medicine. Let’s start with a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Thanks to its high content of fiber, it effectively prevents uncontrolled attacks of hunger and fills the stomach, which helps maintain a feeling of satiety for a long time. This compound is also an effective remedy for constipation and significantly improves the functioning of the digestive process. Oats also affect the detoxification of the digestive system and prevent the absorption of excess fat from food. Moreover, the β-glucan compounds present in said fiber protect the intestinal mucosa against irritation and the development of infection.

It is worth emphasizing the important role of fiber in people struggling with the diabetes problem. This substance perfectly counteracts uncontrolled increases in blood glucose and effectively reduces the glycemic index of consumed meals. Fiber also contributes to the regulation of cholesterol levels, which effectively prevents cardiovascular diseases, and also increases our immunity thanks to the natural support of the intestinal flora. In the context of cardiovascular diseases, one should mention numerous sterol compounds like avenasterol or β-sitosterol. In addition to helping fiber to lower cholesterol, it also effectively reduces its absorption from foods.

Oats are also an effective dietary supplement for those suffering from kidney stones. It is conditioned by the presence of flavonoids and saponins, which show a highly diuretic effect and protective character of the bladder. In the latter case, antifungal properties have been proven. The already mentioned silica prevents the crystallization of urine elements in the kidney tubules, which protects our kidneys from the formation of stones.

In addition to the above uses, oat-based preparations are also used in case of excessive stress or states of increased nervous tension. Infusions based on oat straw, due to the high content of vitamin compounds belonging to group B, are an effective remedy for insomnia or irritability. In turn, baths with herb or straw will be a very good way to reduce or eliminate symptoms in the course of rheumatic disease. Oats also works well for skincare. Thanks to the significant amount of polyphenols that fight harmful free radicals, preparations based on this cereal will promote the improvement of nourishment and regeneration of the skin.

Oat & Rice Flakes


Some studies confirm the effectiveness of using oats in the diet of athletes. The experiment included 20 athletes (12 women and 8 men), who were recommended a 12-hour fast. After the hunger strike, they made training consisting of riding a bike for 2 hours. After training, they were recommended to consume an isotonic drink. Then, after five days of break, the trial was repeated. However, this time after physical exertion they were served a bowl of oatmeal with skimmed milk. The results of the analysis confirmed that the amount of lactic acid after consumption of an oat-based meal was lower than in the case of an athlete’s drink.


Power breakfast

According to many publications, breakfast is the most important meal of the day helping to rebuild energy stores strained at night, speeds up metabolism and avoids snacking during the day. What are the benefits of eating breakfast and what to put on a plate to be healthy and full of energy?

You wake up, your metabolism is waking up

After getting up from bed, we have several hours of sleep behind us, during which the metabolism works on slowed down, and the body, including the digestive system, is set to rest. The body is regenerating. The breakfast intake stimulates them again to work and improves the processes of digestion, absorption and burning throughout the day. Leaving this meal is in turn a signal for the body that it should switch to energy saving, and thus accumulate fat – something that every one of us tries to avoid. It is worth noting that there is no obligation to eat right after waking up, when many of us feel sluggish and unable to swallow anything. It may be helpful then to drink warm water with juice from half a lemon, which will stimulate the secretion of gastric juices and make you eat breakfast for 1- 1.5 h after getting out of bed.

Rebuild your glycogen stores

Although we rest during sleep, the body must have energy to maintain physiological functions. This one is derived from glycogen – an energetic material stored in the muscles. Consequently, glycogen stores in the morning are heavily depleted. The right portion of carbohydrates will give the body the building material to renew and make training during the day more effective.


Make yourself a good day

Most of us love to eat. Aesthetically prepared and served breakfast will help us to start the day well and improve the mood. During the eating of sweet foods, the hormones of happiness are released, so why not treat yourself to a wholesome meal with sweet fruit


Do not snack!

Studies have shown that groups who ate breakfast had significantly fewer energy drops during the day and no need to snack between meals and in the evening. The reason is the same as in the case of the impact on the metabolic rate. Leaving the morning meal confuses the body, disturbs the hormonal balance and increases the production of insulin, which affects the deregulation of centers of hunger and satiety. To maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day and avoid snacking, eat regular meals every 2-4 hours in addition to breakfast.


Eat wisely

So what to eat to be healthy, vital and satisfied? Above all, a decent portion of protein that will ensure satiety for a long time, complex carbohydrates to renew glycogen stores and enrich the diet with fiber and a small portion of healthy fats. Here are some examples of power breakfast


1) Protein porridge prepared on water, with the addition of whey protein and nuts / peanut butter or peanut butter.

Such a breakfast should be enriched with vitamins and minerals contained in fruits. A good solution is fruit with a lower sugar content berries, strawberries, citrus, kiwi, as well as apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots. During the reduction period, it is better to avoid fruits with an excessively high glycemic index, i.e. grapes, bananas, mangoes. The addition of whey nutrient will provide the optimal dose of protein and a varied taste of porridge. The best nuts, seeds and grains that will guarantee a healthy dose of unsaturated fats are walnuts and pecans, linseed (freshly ground!), Almonds, hazelnuts. Do not overdo it with Brazil nuts, which, despite being rich in selenium, have a very unfavorable ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. Let’s also remember that nuts, seeds and seeds do not undergo thermal treatment,they are harmful to health under the influence of high temperatures.

2) Egg dishes served with a large portion of vegetables and wholemeal or rye bread on sourdough.

There are plenty of possibilities, they can be both soft-boiled eggs, as well as hard-boiled, planted, in shirts or in the form of classic scrambled eggs. An interesting solution is also to prepare an omelette with any vegetables and a small portion of additional protein, eg dry omelette with salmon, zucchini and tomatoes, seasoned with favorite herbs. As a source of unsaturated acids, avocado (or a handful of nuts / seeds / seeds in a salad) will work perfectly well, and the source of complex carbohydrates, B vitamins and fiber will be wholemeal or rye sourdough bread.


3) Classic sandwiches prepared in various configurations, but always with a wholesome portion of protein and vegetables or fruit

Properly composing good quality ingredients, we are able to create a wholesome breakfast from ordinary sandwiches. It is very important, however, to keep the right proportions, whole grain bread is already a sufficient dose of carbohydrates, the remaining products should be protein or vegetable. It can be any fish (salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, sardines, sprats), meat (roasted turkey, homemade ham), eggs or legume paste (beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas). To spread the bread, we can use a ripe avocado, and decorate the whole with lettuce and selected vegetables, pepper, fresh or pickled cucumber, tomato, roasted beetroot. Experiment!