Nutrition for active people

Good sides of activity 

It is not without reason that it is said that movement means health increases the efficiency of the respiratory system, stimulates peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, positively affects the mood by release of endorphins and is a very important element in the prevention of many diseases, including cardiovascular system, obesity, or osteoporosis. Lack of movement causes a gradual decline in muscle mass. From the age of 25, it is 0.5 kg per year in favor of adipose tissue, which automatically reduces metabolism and promotes overweight. 


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Activity as stress 

It should also be remembered that any increased physical activity is nothing but stress for the body. The production of adrenaline and norepinephrine increases blood pressure, thus preparing the body for defense or escape. There is an increased and more effective use of nutrients, and therefore it is necessary to rationally provide nutrients and regulating substances, especially vitamin C, B vitamins or magnesium. 

The invaluable role of adaptogens 

Trendogens are becoming more and more popular in optimizing the effects of activity. These are active substances of plant origin that reduce the sensitivity of the body to stressful substances, while simultaneously accelerating the processes of body renewal. Adaptogens are found inter alia in such plants as 

mountain rosary, 

Siberian descent, 

chinese citrine. 

Athlete’s plate 

Increased physical activity requires additional food rations that meet the body’s needs. Depending on the type of activity, its intensity, regularity and duration, the energy demand may increase to 3500-6000 kcal per day, and in extreme cases up to 11000 kcal per day (average demand of a moderate person is approx. 2000-2200 kcal per day) ). 

Properly composed food ration of a person with high physical activity (eg athlete) provides the necessary nutrients in optimal proportions, so 75% of the portions are diversified carbohydrate products (cereals, sprouts, vegetables and fruits) and 25% differentiated high protein products (fish, poultry) , lean beef, low-fat dairy products, legumes, nuts, seeds – containing the same essential unsaturated fatty acids as well). 

Hydration is the key to success 

Water is an underestimated treasure, noticed when it is running out. Even a small dehydration of the body limits its efficiency and effectiveness, and also co-speaks for the appearance of fatigue, headaches, irritability, dry mouth, or ringing in the ears. A decrease in the exercise capacity is noticeable already at 2% loss of fluids, while a 5% loss can reduce productivity even by 30%. 

It is worth, in the case of high and regular physical activity (eg sports training), in addition to using traditional water, convince yourself of isotonic drinks, which properly selected composition provides better hydration of the body, supplementing the amount of electrolytes and carbohydrates, increasing efficiency and delaying the feeling of fatigue during exercise , which guarantees optimal use of individual possibilities. 


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