Probiotic yogurt

Recently, more and more often when shopping, we meet with the name pro biotic yoghurt.What does it really mean?It’s good to know what is the difference between ordinary yogurt and probiotic yogurt.At the beginning of the 20th century, yogurt was sold in a pharmacy.He was considered a medicine.Now you can buy it in a local shop.However, its valuable properties are still valid.

Natural yogurt is obtained from milk in the lactic fermentation process, carried out by bacteria from the species – Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.These microorganisms should be alive in fermented milk, in a large quantity, specified by appropriate standards (over 10,000,000 in one milliliter) and in appropriate proportions.

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On the other hand, pro biotic yoghurt is one in which besides the above-mentioned bacterial species, a specially selected pro-biotic strain is additionally included.

Probiotic yogurt has a positive effect on the immune system, because these bacterial strains reach the intestines alive (they do not digest).Yoghurt enriched with probiotic L-casea bacteria able to enter into the large intestine, settle in it and multiply, rebuild the natural microflora after antibiotic treatment, stress, improper diet.This has a beneficial effect on our health, because the intestine is largely responsible for the body’s immunity.

Bacteria contained in ordinary yogurt are unable to survive in the human digestive tract, because they die under the influence of the acidic environment of gastric juice.Bacteria contained in pro biotic yogurt reach the intestine in an active form and there prevent the multiplication of harmful bacteria that have managed to penetrate into the body.

According to a study by American scientists, people who consumed probiotic yogurt every day had in their blood five times more gamma-interferon, a substance that stimulates the immune system to fight infections and cancer cells.

Scientists around the world are working on the formation of probiotic yoghurts.Research is time-consuming (lasting, for example, several years) and expensive.That is why you have to pay more for pro biotic yoghurt than for regular yoghurts.

For pro biotic yoghurt to be released onto the market, the effect of such a strain must be documented scientifically.

As you know, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and hence healthy teeth and strong bones. The yoghurts help maintain good figures, because they contain low in calories.

Yogurt helps us to take care of health.It contains vitamin A, which helps us keep healthy and smooth skin and good eyesight.

Pro biotic yogurt reduces the risk of many diseases, especially civilization, because it contains B vitamins and omego-3 fatty acids.As you know, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and hence healthy teeth and strong bones.


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American scientists have shown that eating yogurt causes blood to rise in the level of gamma-interferon.This substance stimulates the immune system to fight against infections and cancer cells.


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