Get a form in 10 weeks

In the Warsaw 35mm Club, couple of people announced the start of a unique incentive program \ Gain Form in 10 Weeks. On the same day, the Polish online platform dedicated to this project was launched. Gain Form in 10 Weeks is an international campaign, created by the German Olympic champions, which has gained enormous popularity in many European countries and already has tens of thousands of active and satisfied participants. 


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What distinguishes  Gain Form in 10 Weeks from other sets of exercises and slimming programs is an absolutely innovative formula. Everyone who joins the program, for 10 weeks will, together with Katarzyna Skrzynecka and Marcin Łopuck, exercise and cook healthily, and thanks to a specially created application, also observe their progress. Participants will be constantly motivated and filled with interesting tips, so that throughout the duration of the program, systematically and consistently pursue the goal, which is primarily the change of bad habits to a healthy lifestyle. 

The conference was attended by the creators of the program Frederik Harkort and Gerhard Bloechl, who managed to genially match the Polish representatives of the project – a well-known and sympathetic pair. They brought to the program not only their great energy and good image, but first of all they adapted the campaign to Polish conditions. 

Popular actress and singer, a person with an extraordinary sense of humor, with a lot of positive energy, in her example proved the effectiveness of the program. Her very 10 weeks after the birth of her daughter, she managed to return to a great figure from before pregnancy, gain a perfect form and energy. Polish Champion, European Champion and First World Vice-Champion in Gym Fitness, in a professional manner presents the sequences of exercises, provides nutritional advice and motivates to work on his body to feel good and comfortable in it. 

Joining the program takes place in a very simple way – start to practice and cook healthy. Each participant will regularly receive films with exercises and recipes, and will be regularly motivated. 


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