Skipping meals during a strict diet – what is it threatening?

Is it allowed to completely let go of one of the meals in the diet? Can you eat a meal at a different time than planned? What to do in the case of a family meeting, when the food fills up the whole table? Read this article and you will get answers to these questions.

The only effective way to build muscle mass and to reduce body fat is to consume the calculated amount of calories throughout the day. To calculate the caloric balance for your own body, read the topic ‘Laying a cultist diet’. Regular consumption of a fixed amount of calories is necessary for the effects to be visible from week to week. However, what to do when we know from above that we will not be able to eat a meal at a given time? Can you let it go, or is it better to move to another time? The following are ways to do in such situations.


Complete skipped meal.

Skipping the meal completely during both reduction and mass building is the worst possible solution. In the case of building muscle mass, it is perfectly understandable, but also when reducing it is not a good solution.

When building muscle mass, you should consume a calorie surplus. This means that to gain weight you need to consume more calories than the body needs. In this case, omitting any meal will result in failure to meet the required caloric pool. Frequent skipping of meals may have the opposite effect from the intended one.

It would seem that during the reduction of body fat, skipping a meal should be something quite normal, allowing you to lose unnecessary kilograms faster. However, it is not! In order to maintain the worked musculature, the body must receive the required caloric pool, so as not to cause loss of muscle tissue. In addition, in order to burn body fat, the body should receive a calorific pool at a constant level. Consuming a constant pool of calories (in this case a negative balance), you tune your body to fat burning. For example, if one day you eat 2600kcal, the next 2000kcal (it would seem that less = better), and the next back 2600kcal, can lead to the so-called. “Disorder of the body”. At this point, your own body does not know whether it should burn body fat. When receiving the original one,higher caloric pot, the body does not know whether it is only a return to the diet or the moment when the diet ends, and the period of building muscle mass begins.


What if I can not eat a meal at a given time?

The restrictive diet in the form of many meals consumed at fixed times during the day is always considered the best solution, both during mass building and reduction. Such food allows for the constant supply of muscle cells with the necessary macroelements. However, is it a good solution to move a meal or break it down to other meals? If you maintain a calorific pot during the day, small deviations should not affect the result you want to achieve.

If you know from the top of the line that you will not have time to eat a meal at a given time, there are several ways to avoid downtime. A good solution at this moment will be the consumption of a meal in the form of a carbohydrateprotein shah, eg a gainer (preparation and consumption = 2 minutes).


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However, there are situations in which there is no time to eat. In this case, change the meal plan during the day. In order to deliver the required daily caloric intake to your body, you should eat this meal at a different time (on the same day) or spread the calories from this meal to other meals. In other words, eat the larger remaining meals.

“A big party is going to be going on, there will be plenty of food!”

Family meeting, party with friends, a banquet at work – each of these meetings gives you the opportunity to consume more calories than usual. What will be the best solution in this case? Do not eat at all? Eat how much? Or maybe he would eat as usual, how would it be an ordinary meal? It all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

If this is a one-off deviation from the diet, it should not be a significant result (especially if you are in the period of building muscle mass). If you are on a reduction, treat this meal as a form of CHEAT MEAL (a meal that is not included in the calorific pot), but eat in moderation (as much as in other meals – do not overdo it). Keep other meals during the day as usual.



Remember that the basis is to keep the calorific pool constant. However, deviations from the diet in the form of a meal consumed at a different time or distributed in installments will not prevent you from achieving the planned results. One-off deviations from the diet in the form of a calorie surplus should also not affect the effect.

If your goal is a competitive form, you must control yourself fully. If, however, training at the gym is your passion, hobby – do not bother with one-off deviations. We are all human!