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Do you feel like a whale? Think positive

“I have a fat ass.” I look like a whale. “I’m so fat!” No, you’re not fat, I’m fat and fat. Sounds familiar? So, know that thinking and speaking will not help you lose weight!

Anyone who says that about himself distorts the image of his body, exposes himself to depression and, on his own, unnecessarily exerts strong pressure – that’s what specialists say.


Both sexes from the University of Arizona took part in the research. They tested their way of talking about themselves, their appearance, and assessed how strong they feel pressure to slim down, what their level of self-esteem is and whether they suffer from depression. Researchers have found that there is a strong relationship between self-esteem and depression, and it is the same for both women and men.

Involvement in talking about your own carcass and critically speaking about it worsens your well-being and increases the feeling of helplessness. Unfortunately, nowadays, messages are coming from all sides about what an attractive silhouette should look like – from advertisements, billboards and covers of colorful magazines, we are bombarded by the view of slim or very slim bodies. In addition, friends who are constantly on a diet, try new wonderful slimming measures or a diet-miracle, and at the same time eternally complain about their appearance …

Even if someone feels good with their full-figure figure, and so they feel compelled to complain about being overweight. How not to get crazy?

First of all, do not tell yourself that it looks terrible. This is not the way, because nobody who has a low value and does not like their body will not be successful in slimming – neither in the introduction of healthy nutrition, nor in regular training. Because how to care for a body you do not like?

Here are some tips on how to increase your self-esteem. This is the first step to success and a slim, fit body.

  1. Do not get caught up in the chatter of complaining about your own appearance.
  2. Find what your body is good at. Maybe you dance great? Maybe, in spite of the carcass, are you able to “solicit the death of all friends? Or are you strong? Stretched? You play squash, you roll, swim? Focus on the qualities of your body instead of creating a list of its flaws.
  3. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself. Would you be talking about someone else in the same way? Do not be so critical of yourself. Constructive self-criticism is advisable, but criticism is forbidden!
  4. For a time, spare yourself reading magazines that look like the perfect bodies of models and celebrities. In addition, these are only pictures that very often do not have much in common, because digital photo processing can make an ideal of everyone.

Find a peaceful moment to think about this topic. Are you really cruel to yourself? Declare that you will never think or talk about yourself this way. Respect yourself no less than others and believe in yourself. When you do, it will be easier for you to take care of your body – start exercising and eat healthy. Diet and training is not a punishment for being overweight, but a normal procedure, which is aimed at caring for the mental and physical condition. Look at it in this way – do something good for yourself, stop fighting and punish yourself, and overweight will disappear by itself, by the way.