Tuna in pieces in King Oscar sunflower oil

Tuna is a real star among fish. Popularity owes to the characteristic taste and practical use in the kitchen. Tuna is also famous for its excellent nutritional values. To all fans of this specialty, the King Oscar company dedicates a unique delicacy in its offer. Tasty, aromatic and healthy Tuna in pieces in pure sunflower oil, available in 185 g of packaging, encourages the implementation of interesting recipes and a conscious diet.

King Oscar, as a modern enterprise, adheres to the principles of shared responsibility for the ecosystem. Sustainable fishing and compliance with stringent industry standards are key to tuna fishing. During their lifetime, dolphins are exposed to danger, for which tunas are a favorite delicacy. According to the best, dolphin-friendly practices, tuna mining is carried out, which are found in King Oscar branded products.

Tuna – fish with character

The torpedoed body, sharp-headed with the moon, was indented by the fin. This is the tuna-predatory fish of the mackerel family that is most commonly found in tropical Atlantic and Pacific waters. The tribe includes several species from a small bonito to a giant – bluefin tuna.

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The best-quality yellowfin tuna was used to produce the King Oscar brand, which catches in the wild, in the waters surrounding Ecuador, Thailand and the remote island of Mauritius. Slices of tuna meat with an extremely compact consistency, immersed in the best quality, pure sunflower oil. This combination of ingredients will provide an interesting taste experience and a huge spectrum of culinary possibilities. Salads, pizza, stuffed potatoes, sandwiches, pasta, casseroles, fish pastes – you can exchange a lot of delicious dishes, which you will surely be inspired by Tuna in sunflower oil brand King Oscar. It is worth noting that the packaging of the product is equipped with a key that facilitates opening. This will improve the work in the kitchen and allow the consumption of delicious fish wherever you feel like it.

Tuna – healthy from nature

Our health depends to a large extent on the way we eat. That is why it is important to choose the right food items from which we prepare meals. King Oscar encourages the introduction of as much seafood as possible, including tuna, a treasury of valuable nutrients. It is not without significance that athletes usually reach for this fish. Tuna meat contains little fat and is the best source of complete protein, which should be regularly supplied with a meal, especially by people who care for the line. In 100 g portions of tuna in pieces in sunflower oil brand King Oscar we find 25 g of protein, containing essential amino acids and a small amount of saturated fat. In addition, tuna is rich in unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3. Their consumption may reduce the risk of memory and concentration disorders and protects the body during the increased risk of infection, especially in autumn and winter. What’s more, tuna meat is rich in vitamins B, D, E and minerals such as potassium and selenium. Vitamins B6, B 12 necessary for the formation of red blood cells are important for the functioning of nerve cells. Vitamin D improves calcium absorption, it is recommended mainly during periods of intensive growth and development. Natural oxidants – vitamin E and selenium protect the body against free radicals and support the immune system.

King Oscar is a company with a multigenerational tradition. For over 100 years, it has been offering the best quality sea food to people all over the world. From tuna in sunflower oil, which we find in a 185 gram, round package with the image of King Oscar II, King Oscar is particularly proud. So let’s check why …

Recipe for tuna baked under cheese

Ingredients \ n1 tin Tuna in oil King Oscar (fillets or pieces), drained \ n250g penne noodles \ n30 dkg cheese (choose one that easily melts) \ n1 / 2 red peppers \ n1 / 2 yellow peppers \ n1 can of green peas \ n1 can of corn \ n1 red onion \ n1 clove of garlic \ n1 teaspoon of fresh parsley or spring onion \ nSol, oregano

Preparation \ nPlease prepare pasta according to the recipe on the packaging. Drain the water. Cut paprika into thin slices. Cut the onion into cubes. Mix pasta with all vegetables and add freshly crushed or dried garlic. Add tuna in King Oscar oil and transfer to a casserole. Bake in the oven at 180 ° for 15 minutes. or in a microwave. Serving for 2 people.

King Oscar has been a recognized producer of seafood food for over 100 years. In 1902, King Oscar II granted a special permit to place his image on unique Norwegian sardines. This is how the King Oscar brand was created – a perfect combination of Norwegian tradition and the highest quality. King Oscar exports its products all over the world, including exotic destinations such as Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.