Protein nutrients – reviews, advice, comparison

A high protein diet is an indispensable element of the daily bodybuilder menu. Protein powder is one of the most popular dietary supplements. In today’s article, the differences between the best-known and most-favored protein supplements will be presented. Is the protein concentrate – which protein supplement is better? Which protein after training? It is relatively difficult to indicate an unequivocal answer to this question.

  1. Protein nutrients – the speed of assimilation
  2. Percentage of protein in conditioner
  3. Protein supplement – type and price


  1. Protein nutrients – the speed of assimilation

Whey protein isolate is one of the fastest-digested ones and then absorbed protein preparations available on the market.

This opinion can not be praised by a protein concentrate.

As the scientific data show, the coefficient of bioavailability for whey isolate is 159. In the case of concentrate it is relatively lower and depends on the percentage composition of protein and additional substances.


  1. Percentage of protein in conditioner

In the whey protein isolate, the content of pure protein reaches up to 95%. Therefore, it is the most commonly used conditioner right after training, because the right amount of this ingredient should be quickly delivered to the body.

The protein concentrate is characterized by a lower percentage of pure protein. It ranges from 70% to 85%. This is related to another form of production of said preparations and a greater number of additional substances in the protein concentrate.


  1. Protein supplement – type and price

It’s difficult to pinpoint which protein is better. Nevertheless, a whey protein isolate seems more recommendable for practitioners of body sports. It provides faster delivery of the necessary ingredients to the body after the effort.

In addition, costs play an important role in the selection of appropriate supplementation. The protein concentrate is cheaper at this angle. Therefore, people who can not afford for various reasons for the purchase of an isolate, without a lot of resistance should be provided with a protein concentrate, which can also be used to build a healthy sports figure!