Tea good for everything!

We like to sip tasty, aromatic, well-brewed tea. It will warm our body and sometimes even get rid of bad mood. Some say that he has the power to heal not only physical but also spiritual. 

There are many species of this drink, and we can choose the right one for us. It is best to buy it in a specialist tea shop. We then have the confidence that we will drink tea, which has no artificial additives that may cause allergies and allergies, and we will find those that have great health benefits. 


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Connoisseurs can choose from many types, e.g. Rooibos, Two Sources, Pu-Erh, Earl Gray, Gunpowder. They are valued because of their special, beneficial properties. Professional and aesthetic packaging of these teas means that they do not lose anything of their aroma and taste.

– People with gastro-intestinal problems, experts suggest Rooibos tea, which also relieves depression, reduces nervousness, is recommended for insomnia and headaches. Its antibacterial and antiviral effects make it great for oral problems. Even pregnant women and nursing mothers can drink it because of the iron contained in it. Thanks to routine, it improves blood circulation and reduces hypertension. 

Rooibos also contains fluorine, copper, vitamin C, sodium and potassium, phenolic acids, quercetin. 

– If you want to enjoy the wonderful taste and aroma, drink two sources of tea or Earl-Gray. The former comes from the sources of the White and Blue Nile, where the prevailing microclimate is particularly beneficial for tea crops. Connoisseurs claim that the longer they drink it, the more richness of taste they discover. Earl-Gray, however, relieves throat inflammation, nervous tension, depression and apathy. 

– Or maybe we care about a long life? Japanese scientists believe that Gunpowder’s green tea is the secret of a long life and the brightness and activity of our mind. Its healing properties have been used in Chinese and Japanese medicine for centuries. This drink also protects, among others before a heart attack, reduces the risk of cancer, inhibits caries and also prevents stress. 

– The best, with a delicate aroma, Pu-Erh red teas ripen for several decades. Researchers report that red Pu-Erh has many healing properties, including supports liver function, cleanses the body, stimulates digestive processes and alleviates the effects of alcohol. 

The monks used special methods of tea processing. It was processed differently than it is now. Sometimes it was even made in the form of silage and served as food, not necessarily as a drink. There is a completely different culture of drinking tea in Tibetan areas. There, it is pressed into cubes and whipped into powder before consumption. Such tea is boiled in milk or in water and salt and animal tallow are added. 



Heals and improves the mood. 

There have been recent studies of why people living in the Far East have such a long life. It was found that those who drink a lot of tea live longer because of the health properties of its individual ingredients. The healing properties are mainly attributed to her ability to inactivate oxygen free radicals. The tea turned out to be an antioxidant. Green tea has such properties. 

Red-fermented red teas mainly regulate the digestive system. Black, on the other hand, do not have healing properties, but they contain the most tein of all teas. The more fermented tea is, the more tein it contains. 

Black teas (fermented during the ripening process) have a stimulating effect on the circulatory system. People with low blood pressure after drinking black tea are lively and stimulated. People with high blood pressure can drink green tea, which is slightly fermented. Recent studies have shown that tea contains a lot of fluoride and is an excellent natural remedy that protects our teeth against decay. It also has bactericidal properties and contains a lot of vitamins, such as vitamin C. In Poland it is popular to use tea compressions for purulent eyes and for various types of wounds. 



You can get rid of Teina. 

There are two ways to get rid of tein from tea. The first method has been practiced for years and involves rinsing the thein with various chemical compounds. The tea leaf is rinsed many times in chemical solutions until the thein is rinsed out of the plant. Unfortunately, each of these rinsing compounds leaves a mark, which is not without significance for our health. 

The second way (having many opponents) is the genetic modification of the plant, which is certainly healthier than chemical interventions. 



How to prepare a tea infusion? 

The way of brewing and drinking tea came mainly to Poland from Russia. Tea was boiled there in teapots, teapots, samovars. Tea leaves have been in water for a long time. 

Research has shown that if a tea leaf stays in water for a long time, it also ferments, releasing harmful ingredients for the human body. Some of them are even carcinogenic. The culture of drinking tea in Western Europe is different. The leaf is brewed for the right kind of tea for the right time. In general, it takes between 2 and 5 minutes. After this time, it is necessary to separate the leaf, i.e. grounds from the infusion. For brewing, use only soft water, rich in oxygen. The most harmful component of water for tea infusion is calcium. 

Mineral water is excellent for drinking, but it is not suitable for brewing tea or coffee. Do not use distilled water. For brewing, use only clay-coated teapots, porcelain or glass. Aluminum or iron teapots will spoil its taste and smell. Dry the tea in a pre-warmed teapot with water at the moment when tiny bubbles appear on its surface. If we want to drink a good tea, do not let it boil. The boiling causes the oxygen contained in the water to be released rapidly. It is possible to brew two or three times. Each time we will find a different taste. The length of brewing tea depends on its effect. At the beginning of the teina, only after 3-5 minutes, polyphenols, commonly called tannins, are released. These ingredients neutralize the action of teine, so after 7 minutes of brewing, the infusion can be completely free of tein and no more stimulant. In this brew, however, there is a lot of tannin. 


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