Testosterone – 6 ways to increase testosterone levels

Increasing the level of testosterone while building muscle mass undoubtedly plays a very important role. If you’ve made a decision about working on your body, the more this anabolic hormone circulates in your blood, the better your results will be. Remember that testosterone not only supports the process of muscle growth. He is also responsible for their strength and endurance. It also helps to burn body fat, strengthens bones and increases libido. Below are 6 ways to raise your testosterone level.


  1. Do not train too long

If you belong to people who like to overtrain or at the gym are playful, you do not have to count on increasing the testosterone level in your blood. In order not to be surprised by the lack of progress, find your personal golden mean. Are you expecting a high testosterone level? Remember to keep your training from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. Too long can translate to the opposite result. If you overtrain, you will most certainly encounter the infamous effects of the stress hormone, or cortisol. You will not outwit human physiology. When overtraining, your body will produce excessive amounts. For you this fact means one thing – too long being in a catabolic state and lowering the testosterone level. Too frequent and intense workouts, and thus lack of time for regeneration,using too much amino acids by your muscles than you supply them in your diet, it destroys what you have already achieved thanks to well-balanced workouts.


  1. Perform multi-joint exercises

The involvement of many muscle groups at the same time, that is, performing multi-joint exercises, firstly harmoniously develops the body, and secondly, it has an effect on increasing the testosterone level. These exercises mainly include barbell squats, deadlift, barbell squeezing and barbell rowing. Each of them should be made with the appropriate load. Although heavy burdens require sacrifices, they are profitable. Muscles struggling with a greater load trigger a series of anabolic processes, including increased testosterone production.

Its growth is also influenced by interval training, which means alternating intensive exercises with low-intensity work. The maximum time of such training should not exceed 20 minutes.


  1. Use appropriate breaks between sets

You already know how important is the question of non-training. Training longer than 90 minutes can increase cortisol levels and thus decrease testosterone levels. Now it’s time to take the topic of breaks between series. It has been proven that a faster hormonal reaction occurs when the pause time is reduced to a maximum of 1 minute. However, if you focus on heavy weights, this time will not be enough for you. So remember to develop your training program so that you can increase the load on subsequent series, not reduce it.

  1. Series for muscle fall – dose, do not overdo it

Many professional bodybuilders, such as Dorian Yates, are supporters of the series for muscle fall. Convince yourself to one, you will see the difference. Muscle fall is an effective stimulus tool. You want to get a training progression, you care about the increase in testosterone level, every now and then do the series to muscle fall. However, use it wisely.


  1. The right diet

The macronutrients in your diet have a huge impact on optimizing the natural production of testosterone. It is therefore necessary to control their daily consumption. Do not exclude fat from your diet. The increase in testosterone levels is particularly affected by the adequate supply of this ingredient, which should be at the level of 25-35% of all calories. The most favorable ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat for people who want to increase the concentration of the male hormone in the body is 40/30/30.


  1. Supplements to support testosterone growth

Zinc, magnesium and vitamin D are your allies. Even the correct production, let alone the increased testosterone concentration, will not be possible if your body lacks these elements. Among the components of supplements deserve special attention

On the market you will find a large number of ready-made supplements with very effective formulas that increase the level of free testosterone in the blood.

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