The 5 biggest mistakes you make while cooking diet meals.

You do not have to be Gordon Ramsay, you do not need to be every day, she stood by the kitchen for hours. Check, however, that you are not committing these five surprising errors that may affect the calorific value of the diet and the nutritional value of diet meals. 


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1. Oil is poured on the eye 

It’s sin number 1! A spoon of rapeseed oil or olive oil is about 90 kcal! If there are 2 spoons in the recipe, it’s supposed to be like that! Pouring on your eye, you can add up to twice as much fat, and that’s an extra few hundred calories! A very good solution is to use an oil / oil spray that provides a minimal and precise application on the surface of the pan. 

2. During the cooking you try (still!) 

When you cook, especially if you have never used this recipe before, you must try your dish. But be careful not to do it every now and then. Record holders can do this even several times in one cooking. 10 tablespoons of soup is one third of the portion you had planned for dinner! 

3. You are falling into monotony 

Simplicity is needed to maintain healthy eating habits. Nobody has time to cook new, diet dishes every day! It’s normal that after a few weeks you have a few favorite, instant recipes. But be careful not to fall into monotony. Monotony is not just a smaller variation in nutrients. It is also boredom that can contribute to irritation and stopping the slimming diet. 

Make small changes! In the salad, change 2 kinds of vegetables, and instead of sunflower seeds add pumpkin seeds or any kind of nuts. Instead of salmon, buy another fish instead of coconut milk, use almond, etc. 

4. You buy chopped vegetables 

This is a convenient solution, but unfortunately very unfavorable for nutrients. After all, you just eat vegetables to enrich the diet with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Unfortunately, many of them are sensitive to light and oxygen (eg vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene, iron, copper). When buying cut, packaged and stored in the supermarket, you deprive yourself of what is the most valuable in them! 

A better solution is to buy a good multifunctional mixer. Such equipment will cut vegetables for you in a few seconds! 

5. You cook too much 

Would you like to try a recipe for pasta with asparagus and chicken, but the recipe includes 4 servings? Before you cook, think about how many servings you will need and reduce the amount of ingredients accordingly. 

Cooking too much means that you eat a large portion, because you put more than you planned. What you do not milk often lands in the trash can. It’s a pity your figure and money! 


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