The biggest diet myths about building muscle mass

Building muscle mass is theoretically a simple crossing. The most uncomfortable element is the large amount of food to be consumed during the day. However, around the increasing muscles, there are a lot of nonsense theories that have no support in the facts.

Certainly you have heard myths about strange eating methods many times in building muscle mass. They are usually replicated by people who have little in common with the gym. However, bad beginnings can badly affect the later effects of training people. Below are the most popular myths about nutrition during the period of building muscle mass.

Myth 1 There is no diet that will increase my muscularity.

If you’ve ever been on a diet that increases your muscles and claim that you have not put on weight – that means you have no idea about building muscle mass. Each fully healthy human body is able to gain muscle mass with a properly balanced diet and strength training.

Where is the most common problem?

Too low caloric supply.
Diet only from Monday to Friday.
Too many nutrients, too few meals.
Incorrect description of the energy pool.
One hundred percent trust in example meals.

Myth 2 It is enough to consume more than the indicated daily caloric demand.

To effectively build muscle mass – a positive energy balance is needed during the day. In this way, you will certainly increase weight – but it is not said to be muscular. Without proper distribution of macronutrients, the mass you take can be mainly fat. In addition, the products you consume are just as important. It is known that eating simple sugars in too large amounts can also contribute to the increase of body fat. Sugars improve the action of insulin (a hormone naturally found in the body), which makes it difficult to burn body fat.

Myth 3 Only rice with chicken.

It has been assumed that this is the most popular dish among bodybuilders. This is of course true – nothing can be said about such a wholesome meal. Preparation of such a dish at home takes about 20-30 minutes, and the cost of one meal can be in PLN 5 (rice + chicken + vegetables). However, can you build a musculature without such a meal? Yes of course! Each product can be replaced with another one. Rice, for example, you can replace with porridge, oatmeal, potatoes. Fish, turkey, beef, egg whites – are the most common chicken replacements. There are many vegetables to choose from – everyone will find something for themselves. You can replace olive oil with linseed oil, nuts or even avocado. The truth is, if you want to be completely healthy,while building the body of your dreams – you have to forget about everyday eating. Bodybuilding is not just a gym and diet – it’s a lifestyle!

Myth 4 The more protein you consume during the day, the faster you will build a muscularity.

The most-heard myth among young gym lovers. Protein is the main building block of muscles, but its excess certainly will not accelerate the period of building muscle mass. An average person counting protein only from wholesome sources will need 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Any larger amount will be converted into energy, but much worse than in the case of carbohydrates. In order to effectively build muscles, special attention should be paid to carbohydrates and fats (while maintaining adequate protein supply). In fact, by manipulating these macronutrients you will increase muscle mass.

Myth 5 Want to have a body like the cover? Be sure to use supplements!

Let’s begin with the fact that 90% of people on the covers of bodybuilding magazines, in addition to diet, training and supplements, use steroid treatments. So, striving naturally for the ideal from the cover – you may be surprised. As for the supplements themselves – are they necessary? All nutrients and dietary supplements were created to help in the difficult period of building muscle mass or reducing body fat. The basis is diet + workout, supplements are just the complement.

Myth 6 Without steroids you will not achieve anything.

Steroids are a taboo subject – practically no one wants to admit to taking them. Whereas the truth is painful – a real bodybuilding without steroids does not exist. However, is this the only way to look like a pro? If you dream of a huge musculature – naturally you will never achieve it. Everyone has a genetic limit that can not be “jumped”.

Does this mean I will never look good without steroids? Of course you will! Years of training and proper nutrition can make your body look very good! There are many people who, without using any anabolic steroid or other unnatural remedies, look better than not one on coke!

Myth 7 Building muscle mass always ends with a large amount of body fat.

In most cases this is true, but it is not a rule! It all depends on how you refine your diet. With gradual increase in calories, you can gain dry muscle mass. Such a process is very slow, which is why most people prefer to build a large musculature covered with a layer of fat in the short term, which they will burn during the reduction of body fat.

Myth 8 Eat tasty, otherwise you will quickly get bored with the diet and stop training.

If you set a clearly defined goal, which is to build your dream figure, you should not put the taste of food in the first place. The truth is that we – bodybuilding enthusiasts often do not pay attention to the taste of the meal – we treat it as a must when pursuing a specific goal. Do you think that’s nonsense? Remind yourself how many times you ate curd with disgust to make up the protein in your diet. Or how many times for breakfast the bland oatmeal flooded with water did not want to pass through the throat? Each of us survived it, and over time, the lack of the unique taste of the meal has become the norm and it does not bother anything.

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