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The secret of a flat stomach

According to researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, reducing the amount of abdominal fat can be very simple.

Apparently enough to enrich the diet with soluble fiber derived from vegetables, fruits, legumes and engage in physical activity of medium intensity. Such conclusions were drawn from the research, during which it was found that for every 10 of them, the amount of dietary fiber soluble in the diet was reduced by 3.7%. The addition of physical activity increased this result by an additional 7.4%. Thus, increasing the amount of soluble fiber by 20 g and undertaking physical activity increased the result to 11.1%. The research lasted five years.

“Abdominal obesity is known to promote the development of many diseases of type II diabetes, heart disease, hepatic steatosis. Our tests have proven that introducing simple changes in lifestyle can reduce the amount of abdominal fat, “says Kristen Hariston, research leader.

Ten grams of soluble fiber is found, for example, in two apples or a glass of green peas, and under the slogan, the average physical activity is 2-4 workouts a week for 30 minutes each time, performed with medium intensity (eg fairly fast walking). Meeting these conditions is absolutely real for everyone. That is why the results of these tests are so valuable.

During the research, an interesting observation was also made. Increasing the supply of soluble fiber promoted the reduction of only abdominal fat, the amount of subcutaneous fat did not change.

The combination of movement with an increased amount of dietary fiber soluble in the diet results in the reduction of both types of fat.

Why is fiber helping to remove abdominal fat? Scientists do not know and plan further research that will explain this. However, what is the mechanism of this process is not so important for people struggling with protruding belly. What counts is that simple changes in diet and lifestyle let you effectively reduce abdominal fat stores, depending on the size of health and well-being of each of us.

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