Top Three Immune Boosting Supplements

Supporting the organism’s immunity should be based mainly on products, naturally boosting our immune system, which quite abundantly appear in food. Due to the latitude that we live in as well as weather changes that may play tricks on us, our immunity may face many challenges. In the period of seasonal changes, we are  prone to viral infections, colds and all kind of health disorders, as well as worse mood.

Susceptibility to all these factors is related to changes of temperature, the amount of available sunlight and also, such petty reasons as bad clothing, not adjusted to weather conditions. Additionally, strength training causes stress for our organism and in this period we should take care of proper nutrition and regeneration. It is also important to carefully dry out our body and calm down the pulse after training, which will be related to better heat isolation.

However, returning to the essence, what supplements should we use to naturally support immunity?

  1. Garlic

Pro-health effect of garlic and its whole phenomenon is owed to the so-called natural antibiotics contained in its composition. While antibiotic as a drug is often associated with something negative (correctly, as antibiotics constitute the source of problems with bacterial flora, which does not undergo regeneration after the therapy, as it is commonly thought and people who were intensively treated with the preparations based on antibiotics are often forced to support their diet with probiotics for the rest of their lives), allicin contained in garlic demonstrates bactericidal effect, decreasing microbes and fungi. Thanks to this product, the organism will be supported in the fight with microbes causing inflammations, exposing our organisms to infections and diseases. In the periods when we feel that something bad is starting to happen, we may successfully increase the amount of garlic we eat daily, which demonstrates strong ad hoc influence.

The form of garlic that we can eat is discretionary, however, it should be borne in mind that while choosing garlic in the grocery store, we should look for the one with violet tinge, which doesn’t look perfect (it’s not white) and does not come from the Chinese crops. One garlic glove daily should be sufficient to support the activity of our immune system. A desirable solution will be the application of the product, which contains mainly allicin in its composition.

  1. Vitamin C

A basic product associated with the immunity of human beings. Vitamin C demonstrates strong antioxidant properties, supports the fight with free radicals, alleviates the consequences of oxidative stress. Moreover, it supports decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol. In sports supplementation it also finds application in supporting joint regeneration – facilitating the processes related to the synthesis of collagen. Vitamin C takes care about tightening blood vessels, without causing spreading of microbes around the organism.

Natural products rich in vitamin C are: pepper, citruses, acerola, kale, Brussels sprout. However, bear in mind that this compound is quite sensitive to the activity of high temperature, which means that long-lasting thermal processing deprives food from this vitamin. In dietary supplements, vitamin C appears manly as ascorbic acid. Additionally, it is worth choosing a product, which will have in its composition also bioflavonoids, curcumins or rutin.

Dosing: 1-3 g per day, in the period of colds, the dose may be increased to 10-15 g per day in small, frequent portions during the day.

  1. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has recently become a supplementation hit, which by means of wide advertisement in the media has gained popularity. As slogans show, its deficiencies are very common and each of us should take care of additional supplementation. At bottom, the level of vitamin D3 should be tested before we turn to supplementation, however, it turns out that advertising slogans are fully justified and not many people know whether they actually have the right level of vitamin D3 in the organism. This vitamin fulfills many functions, from supporting the immune system, through taking care of the condition of the osteoarticular system to the improvement of well-being and mood. It also takes part in the synthesis of many important hormones, including testosterone. Since its role is very wide, it has been hailed as the “vitamin of life”.

Vitamin D3 abundantly appears in such products as: fish, such as eel, herring, mackerel and eggs. Our organisms are also an invaluable source of vitamin D3, as during exposure to sun, the process of synthesis of this vitamin takes place in our bodies.

Dosing: 2000 IU per day as a starting dose. Higher doses should be applied under laboratory control.


The three above mentioned supplements constitute the fundament of the functioning of the immune system and optimize the activity of many organs, taking care of their proper physiological state. The list may be considerably extended by more advanced products, such as for example NAC or curcumin, however, we have tried to enumerate the preparations commonly appearing in shops and the application of which is not problematic.


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