Trans fats

Among the most dangerous to healthy fats, we can mention two types – saturated and so-called. trans-unsaturated fatty acid isomers. And although the former is the enemy for our body, we must say clearly – trans fats in this area beat them on the head, causing our body even more serious damage.

How are trans fats formed? What products are there?

And are we able to protect ourselves from them today?

To understand the importance of the problem of excessive consumption of trans fats, one should know their effect on our body. The harmful effects of these fats are versatile and can lead to :

– heart and cardiovascular diseases, not only increase the level of bad LDL cholesterol but also lower the concentration of its good fraction, leading to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and other serious diseases;

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– obesity, especially the abdominal, which in consequence may lead to heart disease or diabetes.

It is also believed that a high intake of trans fats increases the risk of type II diabetes, cancer, and depression, and moreover, it probably reduces fertility.

The dangers of excessive consumption of trans fat are so serious that in some countries legal regulations regarding the maximum content of trans fats were introduced in food products. Unfortunately, in Poland and many other countries, there are no such restrictions, so these fats are used by food producers in alarming quantities. For the sake of your health, it is worth eliminating highly processed products from the diet, thus limiting the intake of such harmful compounds like trans fats.

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