Unhealthy, healthy products

They are considered to be beneficial to health and figure, but it is not true. Check which products to avoid when taking care of health or fighting for a slim figure.


“Zero sugar”

Such a slogan on the packaging suggests that it is a perfect product for those struggling to lose excess weight. Apart from the influence of sweeteners on the body, it is necessary to realize that many people who reach for, for example, sugar-free beverages are convinced that they can indulge in it, eating other, sweet products. And if your diet will contain more calories than you consume during the day, you will surely get fat instead of losing weight.

Treat the solution of reaching for sugar-free products as additional support for the diet, and not an excuse to indulge yourself.


Flavored water

Many flavored waters are no longer water, because they contain various substances, including sugar. Such a drink, although it is called water, may contain 125 kcal in a glass. The water has 0. Even information that such a liquid is enriched with vitamins, should not fool you. Usually there are not enough of them in the flavored water and it is more reasonable to eat a fruit, the vitamins of which will be more easily absorbed by the body.

Solution: buy water and add a bit of lemon or orange juice to it.


Turkey sausages

Of course, the nutritional value of frankfurters varies depending on the producer, but the slogan “skimmed” or “reduced fat content” may be confused.

Solution Always read labels on the packaging of frankfurters, compare products from different manufacturers and choose the healthiest ones. And if you buy sausages not in the package, and loose? You can ask the seller for additional information and if you do not receive it? Well, you’ll buy a cat in a sack.


Caesar salad

A small bowl of this salad is even 300-400 kcal and 30 g of fat, all by the sauce, which is poured ingredients.

Ask for the sauce given separately and pour the salad only one teaspoon of dressing. To add flavor, you can also add two teaspoons of grated parmesan cheese.


Energy bars

Many of them are just a sweet bar with a higher price. Some of them contain some protein, but even those that have “protein” in the name are very sweetened. And there is nothing to cheat, rarely allow you to satisfy your hunger, so a poor snack.

The solution is to choose bars with a calorie of up to 200 kcal, with a protein content of not less than 5g and with the addition of fiber. You just have to read the labels!


Muffins for breakfast

Sweet muffins are gaining popularity in Poland. Do you eat them sometimes? No wonder they are promoted as healthy. Meanwhile, some muffins can contain 500 kcal and 11 teaspoons of sugar in art.

The solution is to choose muffins of small size, check or ask about their calorie content and fiber content.


Granola flakes with reduced sugar content

They have 10% less calories and more sugar than ordinary ones. However, information about lower sugar content is conducive to eating more. Effect? The calorific value of a meal increases by more than 10%, and sugar … well, we have already written about it quite a lot. Worth reading. Stupid sugar and fructose is poison

Solution Search for flakes with reduced sugar content, not fat, and sweeten them with fruit.


Defatted yogurt

Yogurt is a super product that helps you lose weight and take care of your health. However, skimmed yogurts are still sweetened to keep them tasty. Some of their packaging may contain up to 30 g of fructose, sucrose or other sugar. Compare the most common natural yogurt with fruity or non-fat, and you will see what is the difference in the amount of sugar.

Buy yoghurt, which contains up to 12 g of sugar and up to 75 kcal in 100g.


Multigrain (multi-cereal) products

Before you buy pasta, bread or cookies with such a slogan on the front of the package, turn it over and read the composition. A large number of such products is prepared based on wholemeal flour, but refined, purified and free from fiber and many valuable ingredients.

The solution is to buy products prepared from wholemeal flour and wholemeal flour. Or at least select those that contain more fiber.


Products “Light”

The term “light” does not always mean that the product is low in calories. This is the case with the yoghurts mentioned above, but also in the case of olive oil. Light oil is just as caloric as regular oil. What makes her different is a brighter color and a more delicate flavor.

Which olive oil to choose, read in the material Do not be squeezed into a bottle of oil.

The solution is repeated, but there is no other way than reading the labels.


Products with omega 3 acids

Yoghurts, milk, eggs and other products contain omega 3 acids. But most of the products from which the packaging “shouted to you omega 3 acids contain them as much as they are in one bite of salmon. In addition, these are not the best for health, and those from EPA and DHA. Their composition is ALA from plant sources. Unfortunately, omega 3s from ALA are not as valuable as those from DHA and EPA.

Solution reach for 100 g of salmon. Such a piece has 100 times more high quality omega 3 than enriched (fortified) with omega 3 yogurt.


Ice tea

Ice tea manufacturers emphasize that their drink contains antioxidants. And yes – antioxidants are very health-beneficial substances. However, the high sugar content of ice tea makes its adverse effects significantly outweigh the pro-health effect of antioxidants. Half a liter of ice tea may contain 200 kcal and 59 g of sugar.

The solution you like ice tea? Do it yourself. Brew green, white or red tea and chill it. Such a drink has 0 kcal.


Iceberg lettuce

Many people love it for their fragility, but when it comes to vitamin content and taste, iceberg lettuce is a “big zero”. Because it has a little expressive taste, it is begging to pour it more sauce, and thus calories.

The solution should be added to the iceberg lettuce spinach leaves or rocket salad and pour the greens with a small amount of traditional vinegret sauce.


Coleslaw salad

While cabbage in the diet of slimming people is a good idea, the salad coleslaw is a fatal idea. 125 g of this salad can contain 250 kcal and 21 g fat, all by a large amount of mayonnaise sauce.

Avoid eating coleslaw salad outside the home. And if you prepare it in your own kitchen, use yogurt instead of mayonnaise.


Trans fats

Cookies and cookies are products that often contain harmful trans fats. Even small amounts of these substances are not safe for health because they accumulate or accumulate in the body. We wrote about it in the material Problem with trans fats. Also read Aggressive Trans fats.

Avoid buying products that contain this harmful type of fat. Think twice before reaching for products that contain hardened vegetable fat – often a slogan used to hide trans fats.


Bananas, dried bananas, banana chips

You know that one banana is 22 grams of sugar? Dried bananas are more caloric than fresh ones, and banana chips can contain as much fat and calories as a hamburger from fast food (9 g and 145 kcal).

Do you lose weight? Give up bananas. You have a slim figure and take care of health, eat fresh bananas time after time – one piece is about 100 kcal and 0 g fat.


Crisp bread

Do not fool yourself that crisp bread is better than ordinary bread. If both are prepared from white flour, both types of bread are not the healthiest.

Solution If the whole wheat flour does not appear as one of the first three ingredients, reach for other crispbreads. Also check the fiber content!

It is better to eat a slice of traditional wholemeal bread than a crispy one prepared from white flour.

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