Unrefined slimming increases the risk of food shortages

Bringing a slimming diet only to the level of energy balance and ensuring adequate supply of protein is a fairly popular practice that can be found on online forums. In accordance with the conventions in force during the reduction of body fat, it is recommended to introduce a caloric deficit, increase protein intake and, depending on the school, reduce the share of energy from fat or carbohydrates. 


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While these types of solutions can be effective in the context of reducing body fat, they are not always good for health. Many people, unfortunately, do not attach enough importance to ensuring sufficiently high intake of all nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body, exposing themselves to nutritional deficiencies.


For the proper functioning of the human body, we need not only an adequate supply of energy, but also several dozen different components performing various physiological functions, including among others vitamins, essential fatty acids, exogenous amino acids, minerals. Although the organism in the course of evolution has developed the ability to deal with over-supply situations and shortages of the required compounds, its adaptation possibilities are limited in this respect. The prolonged deficiency of a nutrient results in disruption of homeostasis and abnormal course of selected metabolic reactions, and may even lead to serious illness or – death. 

In modern times, fortunately, deep nutritional deficiencies in civilized countries are rare, but more often it is possible to meet situations in which the scale of the deficit of a given component is small or moderate. The health consequences of such a state are not sudden, but they are mild, spread over time, which – unfortunately – is difficult to diagnose … more 


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