Vegan Protein

At the very thought of consuming plant products and abandoning animal sources, most of us wriggle on our heels and want to resort to their favorite species of meat, fish or eggs. However, you can meet a group of people who for various reasons decided to focus their diet on the mentioned veganism. 


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Undoubtedly, this type of nutrition has its drawbacks and advantages. However, this is not what we will focus on in this article. Its essence will be an interesting variety of the vegan diet, which unfortunately happens very differently and vegans (especially beginners or those who are burdened with their body with various types of physical activity) have a problem with this. 

For this reason, has launched an interesting product for vegans, in which we find ingredients that perfectly match the vegan diet and its assumptions. I am talking about CHOCO Vegan Protein. What is the characteristic of this product? 

The 250 g product contains 17 portions, each with 15 g nut cream. However, it is not possible to determine the recommended portions for each person. It is very individual and adapted to your own needs and diet. 



Peanut butter is extremely popular all over the world. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them contain a lot of sugars, salt and palm oil supplements, and even fewer products of vegan origin. The ideal solution in this direction is Vegan Protein. 


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